the beginnings of The in German-speaking Switzerland, little-known Fête des Vignerons are puzzling. One thing is for sure, their history is strongly connected with that of the wine brotherhood of Vevey, the so-called Confrérie des Vignerons. An Association that the stock is most likely already in the middle ages.

at the Time, she was still, Abbaye de l’agriculture and a merger was the landowner. Their task was to visit wineries, to monitor and assess the work of the Rebbauern.

In the 17th century. Century, the Guild organised every year in a simple procession through the town of Vevey, on the shore of lake Geneva. The Parade, which attracts every year more and more spectators followed the General Assembly, in the work of the Rebbauern has a rating.

in 1770, the Confrérie des Vignerons, the goal was set to promote the perfection of the Rebbaus. Good work of the Rebbauern should be rewarded. The Best in their field were awarded.

By the coronation ceremony of the best workers, the original Parade gradually turned into the Fête des Vignerons. Birth is the year 1797: at the Time, was erected on the market square, a first stage for 2000 spectators, so that they could attend the coronation.

as of 1819 was divided into the Feast according to the four seasons of the year. The presentation of the field work, the grazing cattle, the work in the vineyard, the worship of the Fatherland, as well as figures from the Greek, Latin and Christian mythology form since the thematic round dance performance.

In the course of time new features were added. In 1819, the Kuhreihen was introduced the “Ranz des vaches”, the song of the cow – and sheep herders on the Alp. The most famous piece of music of the Vaud Winzerfests, however, came from the neighbouring Canton of Fribourg.

There were two performances, and seats cost between one and three francs. The Fête des Vignerons had a Budget of 16’000 Swiss francs and wrote to a deficit of 9700 francs.

In the following years, the event has become increasingly Size of the. In 1833, the organizers have doubled the number of seats to 4000 in two demonstrations. In 1851, the Arena has already provided a space for 8000 guests and 1865 for 10’500 spectators at each of three screenings.

in 1889, moving the minds, as a Senn for the first time, the solo sang, the Kuhreihen in the Arena. It was also the first Time that the Fête des Vignerons wrote in the black.

By the close cooperation of the brothers René and Jean Morax with the composer Gustave Doret is a coherent work was created in 1905 for the first time. In 1905, for the first time admitted women without any restrictions.

The fourth Fête des Vignerons in the 20th century. Century 1977 back began to appreciate their roots. The Librettist Henri Debluë dreamed of due to the Festival its origins and connection to the Christian Tradition to establish. With a Budget of 20.7 million Swiss francs, the event achieved a profit of 5 million francs.

Only twenty years later, the event was a Festival of superlatives: with a Budget of 54 million francs, 17 ideas, a gain of 4 million Swiss francs. The seats cost 65 to 260 francs. 5200 actors were involved in the performances.

The gigantic Arena of the year’s output of 18. July up to 11. August has places for 20’000 spectators. There are twenty demonstrations. The Director Daniele Finzi Pasca, conceived of a dialogue between a little girl named Julie, and his grandfather, who introduces it in the traditions and Work on the vineyard.

the aim of the promoters is to make the occasion even in the German part of Switzerland known and more viewers from the country part beyond the sarine river to attract. Therefore, the organizers invite you to the first Time guest cantons to Vevey. Around 12 per cent of the Tickets have been bought in the German part of Switzerland, compared to 7 percent in 1999. In total, the organizers expect a Million visitors – twice as many as in 1999.