died on the Eve of the star of the talk show “Let them talk” Anna Hambardzumyan. The young woman’s body was found in a hotel in the centre of Moscow. After the death of the girl talking all the Russian media. As it turned out, Ambartsumian was in a very close relationship with the granddaughter of the great actress Alisa Freundlich.

Anna Mashinskoe (granddaughter Freundlich) lost blogger friends since childhood. Granddaughter Alisa Brunovna even made Hambardzumyan godmother to his infant daughter Sophia. Hambardzumyan was clearly proud of the new relationship with the star family.

“a year ago, Sonia was born, – was done at the time Hambardzumyan. My favorite godmother’s daughter! I love her and her wonderful parents.”

According to blogers, with her granddaughter Alice Freundlich they were friends since the second grade.

Today, the known members of the family are silent. The only one who responded to our question about the Ambartsumian became Nikita Vladimirov grandson of Alice Freundlich and brother of Anna Musinskoe .

“You’ll excuse me, I know about the death of Anna, – said Nikita. But what exactly happened to her — I do not know. I in addition to my work do not care, for the relations of other people I’m not following. Now I am very far away from Moscow.”

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