Granddaughter of Marshal Rokossovsky leafed through his letters home

the Consciousness of the commander is not lost, but the pain was unbearable. Medic staff assisted the commander first aid, and at 8 a.m. the next day the wounded arrived at the field mobile hospital (PPG-556) in Kozelsk. It was decided to send him by air ambulance to Moscow in a multidisciplinary front-line triage hospital at the Timiryazev Academy.

Konstantin Rokossovsky with his wife Julia and his daughter Ariadne. Photo: from family archive of the author of”Something broken, but fortunately…”

“my Dear Lulu and Azusa! Didn’t want to bother you and kept silent about his illness. It consists in the fact that I was vulnerable. March 8 the Germans have filled me with lead. It was very hard, but now the crisis is over. The health is dramatically better. In one word, “alive and kicking” and will live in fear of enemies. I’ll get even before the Germans and their debt will remain. I beg you, dear Lulu, don’t worry and don’t no gloomy assumptions. I was wounded in the chest, something broken, but fortunately. The body was of iron and helped me to overcome the danger. Will soon begin to walk and some time out. Maybe I’ll see you in a couple of days.

That’s all. Don’t worry. It’s all good. I kiss you tightly. Loving you Peter. Email.

P. S. good-bye my dear, don’t worry, the war is worse. It’s just a Fluke, so went well. Forces quickly increase. It turns out that the body was so strong that overcame all the dangers of life. Again I kiss you an infinite number of times. Your Coast”.

Letter of 28 March 1942. Photo: from family archive

This is a letter my great grandfather wrote my great-grandmother Yulia Petrovna and grandmother Ariadna Konstantinovna March 28, 1942, when the danger had passed, and he already knew exactly what was going on amendment. Before that were the long days and nights between life and death. The chief surgeon of the hospital, medic 1 rank Arkady Kaplan* recalled in an interview:

Employees of the Sochi hospitals shared last with the wounded

“the patient’s Condition was grave. If the chest x-ray discovered a fragment of metal of rectangular shape 1,2×0,4 cm to the right at the level of the 6th rib. Diagnosis: blind penetrating wound of the liver, diaphragm and right lung. A fracture of the 12th rib on the right, apparently, has occurred from injury when falling wounded.”

According to the doctor, at night, while the status of the commander has not improved, he was called by the assistant of Stalin Poskrebyshev and asked how the patient.

Ah, the road… a Photo: from family archive”Miss crazy…”

March 25, Konstantin for the first time got out of bed and began to move around the house. And in mid-April walked in, accompanied by nurses on a Leafy Avenue. Great-grandmother found out about it from another letter.

“my Dear Lulu and Azusa! Write you a second letter from the hospital. Health is recovering quickly. Lungs work properly, and no consequences will remain. Liver and diaphragm have healed. In short, all is well. Physically trained body has conquered death. A whole. Kostya”.

And the next letter already from the front.

Photo: From archive Rokossovsky the 75th anniversary of victory at Stalingrad “RG” publishes letters Rokossovsky

“dear, dear Lulu and Azusa! PRiehle in place safely. Feel good. Yearn madly. Somehow it hurts that the circumstances did not allow me to take you for a longer time. The only thing that soothes me is the thought that I am not so far away from you and will be able to take care of you and maybe sometimes to visit you briefly”.

During treatment, he managed to move his family from Siberia. In June 1941, the great-grandfather commanded a mechanized corps in Ukraine in Novohrad-Volyns’kyi. His body was taken on one of the first blows of the fascist troops. The adjutant put in Kiev wife and daughter Rokossovsky in the train to Moscow. But at the entrance to the capital composition turned and sent to Kazakhstan. From there, my great-grandmother and grandmother and moved to Novosibirsk, where he lived, brother to Yulia Petrovna.

In the confusion of the first weeks of the war Rokossovsky and his family could not establish a connection. Hoping sooner or later to find a trace of his wife and daughter he sent to all relatives and friends letters, telegrams, money transfers for family. When you finally create a job email Julia p. to start them from the Union. But after learning the address field of mail great-grandfather, was urgently sent him a telegram:

“my Dear Kostya! Your concern is in vain – we are alive, healthy. Letters, money, help – all you got. Got this room. Letters you wrote – you have to get. Be healthy! Fight to win! Lulu – Hell.”

“I was hoarse from coughing and screaming…”

From that moment on they were together again – in letters, which talked about their everyday concerns, shared plans and dreaming about the future.

“Writing a letter under the fire of guns and bombs exploding. Fascist hijackers annoying flocks circling above us. We have become accustomed to sneeze they want” – July 41st, fighting in the Smolensk area.

“I was in Moscow. Twenty days the first time you slept naked in bed. Took a cold bath – hot water was not,” then, under Yartsevo, he slept in command of ZIS-101.

the Sculptor in the war. The source Rokossovsky

“birthday met on the position, and the new year appears, too, will have to meet as well. But that’s OK, would be a success, and the time will come, and we meet in his family circle”, is the Bryansk front.

“I’m fine, a bit ill, twenty days temperature daily ranged from 37.8 C to 38.6. Very little to eat and thin as a skeleton. The disease moved to his feet in motion. Now it’s all gone and better,” is from Stalingrad.

“Lucky star still accompanies me, and is intact. There was a case when by some miracle survived. It is necessary, apparently, to believe in miracles. The house in which I was, was blown to pieces, and I’m still alive and without a scratch. So, apparently, did not come to me to die”, is Kursk.

Between the lines in the very personal letters of his great-grandfather – the chronicle of the great Patriotic war.

the release of the eagle: “Now just returned from the front and covered in dust, black as hell. Going to wash the dirt and something to eat. Are we hot, are continuous fighting. Click on the Krauts, not to give them a foothold and bring them consistently to the West. Yesterday liberated the city of Orel”.

the Gomel-Rechitsa operation: “Sorry I’m so stingy with letters, a lot of work and literally fall asleep. Things are going well. The Germans persecuted to the West, farther and farther. I was hoarse from coughing and crying. Often have to raise your voice. Carry the flu on their feet, because ill have no time.”

the Liberation of Belarus: “my Dear Lulu and Azusa! Things are going brilliantly. The Germans are beaten, persecuted and catch like rabbits. They fell on 41-th year, we take life for all the grief caused to us in this unfortunate year.”

“I can’t blush…”

At the beginning of the war Rokossovsky wrote:

“Trust me, Lulu, and soon there will come a time when our strike with all the weight of pent-up hatred will fall upon the accursed enemy and crush it. I believe it and already looking forward to the hour of victory. No bullet, bomb and shell reject me. Are in their element. I fight well, and I can not blush. Your coast old soldier, the Germans beaten many times and to beat them will be to complete victory over them. Miss you and think of you often. I often see you in my dreams. Believe what you will see will press to my bosom and tightly kiss”.

Grandfather knew that your favorite destinations, like him, are confident of Victory. They were not just family – his fellow soldiers. After the summer of 1944, Gorky street held prisoners of the Germans, my great-grandmother wrote to him:

Photo: from family archive the night of the arrest of General Rokossovsky asked the guards to call on the grave of the poet

“Adusa with his usual almost childish-foolish pride tells me: “you see, mother, when and where would dad go, there’s sure to win!”. And I also think, but, of course, to myself, and alone with Ada completely agree with her opinion. You know all my wishes you brilliant successes and victories, and confidence in them, and how it all comes to pass. Now you probably will have the opportunity to rest a little, and then again to take the finish off the enemy. Waiting for your victory and after the victory of the home for a few days”.

… After the war, great grandparents never left. In our family archive contains images, which they are very elderly people walking hand in hand along the path to our cottage in the suburbs. And letters. A lot of letters.

After the war heand no longer lost… a Photo: from family archive

* Kaplan Aaron Vulfovich (1904-2000), Colonel of medical service. During the war, has made over 5 thousand operations in the field. Five military orders.