Graduates of the ninth and 11th grades are invited to participate in the online festival “ProfiFest”. It will be held within the framework of the project “Professional Environment”. All the capital’s colleges will be represented on one electronic platform to help children choose a profession and an educational institution for admission. Online meetings will be held on July 3, 10 and 17.

A special technology has been developed for the participants, which will help them to carefully and deliberately decide on the choice of their future specialty.

To begin with, they will pass. Then you will be able to take part in special programs and trainings. They will help to identify the motivation and interests of students.

In addition, applicants will learn about the most popular professions and colleges in the capital, and will also be able to attend individual career guidance express consultations. The festival will end with the submission of an electronic application to any educational institution you like.

Graduates themselves determine where to start. If the applicant has already chosen a college, but wants to get additional information, he will be able to apply for an individual consultation. If the graduate has not yet decided on the choice of a profession or an educational institution, then you should start by identifying your interests and abilities.

You can register for the festival on the website.