“I’m completely exhausted,” says Roland grädel on (65). The pensioner from Solothurn is cycled in the past two months, more than 4000 kilometres through the USA from Chicago to Santa Monica along the legendary Old Route 66. Now grädel on arrived on the Pacific coast. “I have fulfilled a lifelong dream,” he says.

The Extraordinary in the journey: grädel on has the for cancer only in one lung, had to lie a few days before the Tour Start in the beginning of may, once again under the knife. “I wanted to me and also to all the other evidence that performance is also a lung capable of the highest”, so grädel on.

About 22’000 meters of altitude, he has overcome, had to fight a distinction with enormous temperature. “The trip was a giant adventure,” says grädel on. But now he was relieved that it was behind him. “With the exception of a few cramps in the calf muscles, a few blisters on the hands and a good dozen flat tire I got through it unscathed.” Now he is looking forward to a fine sausage salad at home on the river Aare in Solothurn. “I’ve earned it honestly,” he laughs.