Governor: the damage from forest fires in the Baikal region amounted to 43 billion rubles

Forest fires in the region Indushy will put out at its root. This setup was given by the head of the region Igor kobzevym in the framework of the visiting session of the government of the country. What other issues were raised in anticipation of the fire season?

According to preliminary forecasts, this spring the Baikal area will start to burn sooner. The first fires in the South-Western part of the region expected in April. In connection with these paratroopers of the Irkutsk aviation base of forest conservation began training. To check the preparation for the threat of fires in the region came Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Victoria Abramchenko.

At the retreat discussed ways of development of the forest complex to become profitable the Treasury. Over the past year for the industry, the state earned about 46 billion rubles, but only in one of the Irkutsk region has lost from illegal logging and fire forest 43 billion. The contribution of the forest complex in GDP should be doubled by 2030.

“industry To generate income, you need to be transparent. We must see the chain is: what is the origin of the forest, who has the right to sell a specific volume of wood, and so on. At the moment we have prepared terms of reference for the modernization of the system, — commented Deputy Chairman of the government of Victoria Abramchenko.

“There is a setting to eliminate forest fires in 24 hours. The government already reformatted accordingly. In addition, we will Fund incentive payments in full, — said the acting Governor of the Irkutsk region Igor Kobzev.

the Head of region has suggested to create in the Region of Forest selection seed-growing centre that will grow to ten million seedlings for reforestation, transfers STRC “Irkutsk”.

Text: STRC “Irkutsk”