Vasily Alexandrovich, the restrictions imposed due COVID-19, adjusted the plans for upgrading and expanding transport network of the region?

Vasyl Orlov this year the Amur region and the whole country was faced with a serious challenge – a pandemic coronavirus. Too early to talk about its end, and we remain firmly in control of the situation and do everything to avoid adverse developments and to ensure the safety of people.

Despite the epidemic in the region carried out a wide range of social measures that run the company, without derogating from the schedule implemented all major investment projects. Thanks to the development of the economy and participation in Federal programs, we continue to build bridges and roads.

I Think that the pandemic is not a reason to reduce the pace of work and reduce the road program. Moreover, by the construction of a second bridge across the Zeya, we started a year ahead.

let me Remind you: it was originally planned to begin construction in 2021. This transition we need the air, especially as the load on the crossing of the see will increase with the start of operation of cross-border bridge Blagoveshchensk – Heihe. Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the Cabinet to allocate Federal funds for the construction ahead of schedule – not in 2021, and this year. I turned to him with such a request in connection with a serious incident on the existing bridge, which in April slipped of the plate.

the Old bridge was repaired in the shortest time possible, and on the left Bank of the Zeya already prepared the construction site for the new facility. Its total length is nine kilometers, of which two kilometres – the transition itself and seven approaches. Typically, these bridges for about four years. But we hope that it will be possible to minimize the time – up to 30 months, and return it in 2023-m. This is good news for all of us, the bridge is of vital importance to Blagoveshchensk, and for the whole emerging economy region.

the financing of the project for this year was 4.6 billion rubles. If necessary there will be additional funds, the regional government is ready to subsidise the interest on loans.

as for the old Zeya bridge, he is, of course, requires overhaul. Will soon be ready project documentation.

as far As the national project BCAD changed the situation in the road sector of the Amur river region?

Vasyl Orlov Priamure the second year participates in the national project “Safe and high quality roads”. Thanks to him, the region is entering a new level of repair and maintenance of roads.

pursuant to the instructions of the head of state in the Amur region for the first time carried out a complete diagnostics of the regional road network and its length is no less 5912 miles.

In 2019 in the road industry brought in four times bol��Chez Federal funds than the year before. In 2020, the volume of Federal investment still grew up to 7,333 billion rubles, of which BCAD aimed 1.07 billion.

the value of the national project, of course, evidenced by the numbers: last year in the framework has led to standard 12 kilometres of roads, repaired the 3.2 square kilometers of sidewalks and 12 miles of lines of lighting, set of 4 kilometers of pedestrian fences, traffic lights 12, has completed the reconstruction of two bridges and eliminated the two places of concentration of road accidents.

In 2020 planned work for 20 sites: 16 in the Annunciation of the Metropolitan area and 4 on the regional road network. Just plan to repair 20.3 km of roads and reconstruction of 2.3 kilometres of trails and two bridges with a total length of 1.4 kilometers.

for the First time, contracts life-cycle for repair of roads, previously they could only be applied in the construction of highways on new locations. Last year this practice was tested on the road Blagoveschensk – Homelike: after the repair the two-kilometer cut moved to four years for the maintenance contractor performed the work. In 2020 concluded two contract life-cycle. This approach improves the quality of the roads and the liability of the repairers.

it Turns out, this year the focus Blagoveshchensk?

Vasyl Orlov more Precisely, the Annunciation of the urban agglomeration, a road network which includes Blagoveshchensk and the village of Chigiri and Verhnebureinski Annunciation area.

I have instructed every year to carry out comprehensive repair at least two of the main streets of the city. I am sure that in five years will bring in the normative condition of all the roads of the capital of the Amur region. This year in Blagoveshchensk, indeed, a great scope of work. Street repairs agglomeration allocated more than billion roubles, of which 585 million from the Federal budget, 485,6 million – from the regional road Fund.

Road work this summer is one of the most discussed topics for blagoveschentsev and guests of the city. But for traffic, which is now creating repair Vasilenko, Kalinin, Voronkova, Lenin, the overpass on Country, – the time, in the autumn they will be justified by the convenience of updated roads. After all the work under BCAD is not just a replacement of the pavement is complete, thorough and high-quality repairs plus improve traffic safety, and at the same time is the reconstruction of engineering networks laid under the road.

Despite the bad weather conditions, failure in schedule no. Moreover, befell the city, powerful showers, even in a sense helped: they have identified areas that need special attention.

I must say that the program Remonthe roads of the agglomeration is composed taking into account the views blagoveschentsev. On the official websites and instagram accounts of the administrations of Blagoveshchensk and the area in 2019 the survey was conducted. Residents called the most problematic stretches of road, so to speak, their “pain” – only about 60 streets. In addition, receiving requests for a resource “Open region Amur oblast”. The main requests of the Amur region to this website also concern the condition of streets and roads.

Already prepared a work plan in 2021-2022 years and are preparing to conclude contracts. Tentatively scheduled comprehensive repair of streets, the creation of dark and Industrial in part BKAD. Early Contracting will provide an opportunity for contractors to maximally prepare for the upcoming road works.

Passed if the test in our challenging climate, roads, renovated according to the national project in the past year?

Vasyl Orlov On the objects of the national project introduced and implemented a five-step system of quality control. At the end of may – beginning of June, the condition of these roads was checked by a special Commission. It included representatives of the regional Ministry of transport, the contractors who performed the work, administration of Blagoveshchensk and Blagoveshchensk district, PKU DSD “far East”, the Prosecutor’s office of the Russian popular front, the Public chamber of the region, the public and the media. They examined 30 sites. Most of the roads wintered well, and if identified shortcomings, then those that do not affect road safety, though covered under warranty is a defects curbs and wear and tear of the road marking.

by the Way, to estimate a road repair project BCAD can any citizen: it is only necessary to install on the phone app “public Services. Road.” And the work on the overpass down the street Country in Blagoveshchensk, you can watch online: the website of the city administration’s streaming video from CCTV cameras installed in the area of extensive renovation.

Amur oblast is actively developing international transport infrastructure. When will the traffic on the cross-border road bridge and cable car?

Vasyl Orlov At the international bridge crossing across the Amur completed the main construction works, and in may the Ministry of construction issued a permit for the commissioning. Roughly, the movement will begin in August 2020. In the future, the bridge will enable the transportation of up to four million tons of cargo and about two million passengers per year. So the economic effect from the use of the bridge will be felt not only for the Amur region, but for the entire Far East and the country as a whole.

the cable car with a length of 973 meters will also be held on the Amur river and will connect the Russiancue Blagoveshchensk and Heihe, China. To enter the neighboring country can be for a few minutes.

the Project is ambitious, complex, in this world no more. No one laid cable lines between the cities of two different countries. To build a cross-border cable-monorail investor plans to invest 2.2 billion, $ 90 million has already been invested. The development of design and estimate documentation, performed by state expertise. Already underway dumping area prior to construction of mark and tender for General contractor selection. Construction work will begin in the second half of this year. Completion is scheduled for 2022.

We are closely following the progress and will give every assistance to the initiators of the construction of cableways. I personally supervise the construction. The regional government has provided state support – the project as a large-scale, land granted without bidding.

Coronavirus while paralyzed the tourism industry in the world, but the borders sooner or later will. And the cable car will become a tourist feature and new symbol of Blagoveshchensk.