Bruges, West Flanders governor Carl Decaluwé is calling all the tourists and tweedeverblijvers in the coming weeks, stay away from the coast. “We have been in the past couple of days and scenes in which the people of the pushing and shoving was at an ice cream shop. Some people seem to really not understand how serious the situation is. Also, keep away during a walk, it is a very difficult task,” says Decaluwé.

This is the company obliged to shut up, and search for a lot of people are having to resort to the sea. Not a good idea, ” says the governor of a province for now. “First of all, the hospitality industry, there is a closed, those do you no harm with it,” says Carl Decaluwé. “As a result, there is, for example, are barely even sanitary facilities, and hygiene for all is far from ideal. But above all, the behavior of the people is wrong. We need to be non-essential travel to absolutely avoid it. Also, trips to the coast. It is once in a while is necessary.” The governor also calls tweedeverblijvers in order to stay at home. Now that the weather is nice, it is a good chance that a lot of people however, the direction of coast. This is something the governor, so we definitely want to avoid. Also, the impromptu parties, in shops, in towns, punch him in the chest. “Some of them seem to be of the nature of the situation, not to understand it”, sigh, Decaluwé. “In the past couple of days, we saw the people flocking together on the benches, or the pushing and shoving of ice cream. For such cases, we need to be absolutely avoided. So here is my call to the advice: stay away for the next time, away from the coast, and stay in their own homes.”