The redesign is the longest. After his return from Armenia, Friday, October 12, in the evening, Emmanuel Macron has taken over his political dealings, which continued throughout the weekend. Even those of the Macronie history who had left Paris to attend the wedding of Ishmael Emélien, the special adviser to the president of the Republic, have not totally off the hook.

the constitution of The new government team is expected to be known Monday, October 15 in the day. Probably after the return of prime minister Edouard Philippe, who was to spend the morning in Nantes and back to Paris for lunch with the head of State.

The process in advance ” in the calm “, said Emmanuel Macron in an interview with France 24 and RFI, Friday evening, at the end of the francophonie summit, which was held in Yerevan. Such an overhaul ” this is important, these are commitments, and thus things have to be done with method, at a good pace (…) I try to do things in a professional manner “,-he said.

” The president has a lot of consulting with Saturday and Sunday “, indicated the Elysee, where one speaks of a ” broad political consultation “. He met with Edouard Philippe, Richard Ferrand, president of the national Assembly, and Christophe Castaner, the delegate-general of The Republic in March. It also has “a lot” talked with François Bayrou, says one in his entourage, and discussed with the centrist Jean-Louis Borloo, as well as some local elected officials.

“The changes have never changed,”

More than ten days after the resignation of Gérard Collomb, on October 3, Matignon and the Elysée know they are very expected on this redesign, which took a record time in the history of the Fifth republic. Guest of Grand Jury RTL/Le Figaro/LCI, Sunday, October 14, François Bayrou, who has claimed to have ” the chance to speak with the president almost…