Government of Azerbaijan announced next week after hours

the Cabinet Ministers of Azerbaijan to prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) announced the introduction of a special labour regime in the country next week, reports the operational headquarters for the fight against the new infection.

“According to the decree of the government, for workers with a five-day working week 29 March – 3 April, with a six-day working week – March 26-28 and March 30 – April 4, defined as non-working days” – said the headquarters. His comment leads “Interfax”.

Earlier on Wednesday it became known that Russian President Vladimir Putin in the fight against the spread of coronavirus announced next week – from March 30 to April 5 – after hours with pay.

“Long weekend prescribed to reduce the rate of spread of the disease. I appeal to all citizens of the country, let us not rely on our Russian “Avos”, – Putin said.

Earlier Wednesday, oberstab to combat coronavirus in the government of Azerbaijan reported that the country COVID-19 revealed another six people, one of the infected died.

“One of the six people infected with the coronavirus, has been admitted to hospital with high fever and shortness of breath. The patient also suffered from diabetes mellitus and ischemic heart disease. The patient’s condition deteriorated, and despite efforts of doctors, the patient died on the day of admission to the hospital. The patient’s relatives and the people with whom he came in contact with quarantined”, – said the headquarters.

So, the total number of coronavirus-infected in Azerbaijan reached 93 people. According to the headquarters, currently in the special hospitals regime is of 81 patients with COVID-19. The condition of three of them is estimated as heavy, five – moderate severity. The health condition of other patients is estimated as stable. PCsAB also noted that the quarantine are currently 2914 people.

Earlier it was reported that 10 people infected COVID-19 in Azerbaijan, after treatment was discharged from the hospital, one patient died.