Today, the citizens of the Canton of Zurich elect their new government and new Parliament. The performance of the parties is expected in the whole of Switzerland with the voltage, and finally the ballot in the largest Canton is considered to be a barometer for the National Council and Council of States elections of next October.

In the seven-headed government, it comes to two resignations. National councillor Natalie Rickli (42) has a good chance to defend the vacant SVP-seat. The FDP, however, must tremble. A survey of the research Institute Sotomo showed that Martin Neukom (32) of the Green FDP-candidate Thomas Vogel (47) is tight on the heels.

the green wave?

Hardly Worry about re-election need to make the two SPler Mario Fehr (60), and Jacqueline Fehr (55), and Ernst Stocker (63, SVP), Carmen Walker Späh (61, FDP) and Silvia Steiner (61, CVP). The conservative majority will remain so, certainly. Possibly the Coup, the FDP a seat to poach succeeds in the Green. Then the Left would be represented with three instead of two government boards.

Exciting is the starting position in the cantonal Parliament. The Zurich-based elections are the first real acid test of whether green parties can actually benefit from the climate debate. The Sotomo-survey, at least, predicts this Trend. So 10 percent of the respondents have given their voice to the green-liberals – an increase of 2.4 percentage points, such as the “Tages-Anzeiger” reported.

the Green according to the survey strong and come up to 9.3 percent. Big losers are the Polparteien SVP and SP. Whether it actually comes out – VIEW keeps you in the live Ticker with the results, votes and estimates.