The avalanche on the A2 in the Canton of Uri corresponded to the Morning, a wait of up to an hour and 40 minutes, as the website of the TCS was. The entry in the amount Göschenen was locked. The dam top was reached at 7.30 am, as the traffic service Viasuisse said. Then the snake went back and reached in the morning around 5 kilometers. In the opposite direction, the vehicles were merely on a Kilometer.

The traffic jam increased during the Afternoon to 5 to 7 kilometres. At the late afternoon mass, according to the transport service Viasuisse for another 4 kilometers. Free travel reigned again from 19 clock, such as from experience of the last five years.

Already for Saturday Viasuisse expects the first trip back home-traffic jams. Starting at 10 am, the traffic is likely to accumulate in front of the South portal at Airolo. The peak is expected between 14 and 19 o’clock.

On Sunday, the big return wave is then. The queue can reach between the early afternoon and the late evening of 12 km, which corresponds to a waiting time of 3 hours.

The transport service recommended that, in principle, also the alternative route on the A13 through the San Bernardino Tunnel. Accordingly, the traffic has also increased on this Route.

The Gotthard Pass was only opened in the Morning. The authorities locked him in from 13 PM to Friday at 6 PM, again for safety reasons. At the Pass, particularly large masses of Snow this year.