In the current episode of the ProSieben/SAT.1 talent show “The Voice”, Stefanie Kloß made the audience laugh with an allegedly immoral offer. But first, Ceri Hall-Brady, a sympathetic Viennese, came on stage who just wanted to make her beloved mom proud – “even if nobody turns around.” You think so!

There was a four-way buzzer for her interpretation of Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car”! The ambulance secretary chose Mark Forster’s team, for whom this season has been going quite well so far. He didn’t even have to fight for Samuel “Sammy” Franklin, because to his amazement he was the only one who pressed the buzzer for the background singer and buddy of his ex-“The Voice” colleague Yvonne Catterfeld: “What about you?”

He would also have liked to see the Indonesian embassy employee Fahmi in his team, who was able to convince both him and Elvis fan Peter Maffay with his version of “Can’t Help Falling In Love”. The senior coach wanted to know from the candidate whether the “King of Rock’n’Roll” was “something like a role model” for him too. “Honestly not,” was the reply. He also sang the cover version of a singer – “from Spotify”. “Peter, Spotify is something like a record, only on the computer,” joked Mark, whereupon the person addressed countered: “Record is something with a hole in it.” The older one laughed last: Fahmi joined his team.

Another Peter Maffay catch in this episode: Alexander Ohles. He hoped for his “I Will Wait” by Mumford

Speaking of Rea Garvey: In his team, environmental engineering student Lisa Pauli sang with Demi Lovato’s “Skyscraper”. Meanwhile, Stefanie Kloß was able to win over the well-deserved foursome buzzer Jens Gilles, who had sung Coldplay’s “The Scientist”, as well as industrial mechanic Sophie Buchmann, who had performed Avril Lavigne’s “Complidated”. The Silbermond front woman buzzed for her at the very last second, as did Mark Forster.

Stefanie Kloß would have liked to do the same for Zoé Arndt if she hadn’t assumed, like everyone else, that her mature voice – she sang Yvi Quainoo’s “Do You Like What You See” – belonged to an experienced singer. “At this point I find this show a little bit stupid,” said Kloß annoyed. “If I had known that you were 16, I would of course have judged your singing very, very differently.”

For other reasons, the Tyrolean service worker Babs Luggin, whose Ösi pop rock could not evoke “a vision” for the future in the coaches, failed despite great voices, as did real estate agent Andreas Böttcher with his idiosyncratic version of Eagle-Eye Cherry’s “Save Tonight” and die slightly too excited talents Marina Vogel and Flo Fleischer.

And then there was Luis Schubert. So far he had only sung in front of his girlfriend from “Schiss” – which his two buzzer coaches Stefanie and Mark could hardly believe. “Let’s touch people like you touched your girlfriend at home!” Stefanie Kloß tried to win him over. But the sentence, which was meant to be harmless, backfired: the audience laughed, Mark let out an irritated and amused “Huh?!” and Stefanie quickly tried to save what could be saved: “With your voice, I mean now! Man! With the voice!”

After Luis had decided on Mark, he continued to tease and falsified Stefanie’s statement under her protest: “I would like you to touch me like you touched your girlfriend before – or how was that?” Rea promptly got in: “So eroticism is your card, okay. We’ll play along with that, Mark, right?” What will that look like in the next few episodes…?

At the end of the summer, RTL shows the ugly side of Germany’s favorite island of Mallorca. Where drugs are sold, police officers are bribed and fake goods are sold. That’s sensational – and doesn’t bring too many insights.

It’s all about the three big B’s: bonus payments, office equipment, relationships. The RBB director was relieved of her office, and the NDR also has to be regrouped. This can mean a turning point for public broadcasters – if they want to.

Angelo Kelly will only appear twice more live with his wife Kira and their children. After that, for the band project Angelo Kelly

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