Gorilla Winter Jungle (GWJ): for the brave and extreme

Skiing on snow slopes of mountains where the unique hobby. And no matter what you prefer to ski or snowboard. For all one mountain. And unlike other sports there is one feature. For example, it is enough to learn how to turn and brake properly, and we can easily conquer many peaks. If Ryder feels he has gained enough experience, you should change the angle at which it descends from the mountains, and imposing slide immediately turns into an extreme descent. Tired?! It is possible to change the trajectory and during descent to enjoy the surrounding scenery.

However, this algorithm can work only up to a point, until the level of the riders range from beginner to progressive skier/ snowboarder. When a person moves to a group of professionals, the slope starts to seem boring, because all the routes are studied.

to save the love of the mountains and continue to the process of skiing adrenaline, which many out there and ride, there are two options. The first is to look for a new location, which is surrounded by Almaty and Kazakhstan as a whole, not so much. Ideal — the Italian Alps, where the length of the tracks is several tens of kilometers. But, once a week to visit the Schengen zone is something from the category of fiction. The second option — to try new disciplines. For example, freeride or descent on unprepared slopes. Interesting topic, but we’ll talk about it another time. That, of course, can give a fresh shot of adrenaline is jumping on trampolines or slides in various shapes, which do different tricks. Big Air and Jibbing — these are the disciplines that are open for active guests unlimited horizons.

Big Air is a discipline in which a rider accelerates and jumping from high jumping, performing in-flight tricks. The length of such flights can range from five to 30 meters. By the way, since the Olympic games 2018 held in Pyeongchang Korean, this kind of added to the list of Olympic disciplines.

it is Clear that the first time you decide to jump from a springboard that will carry you through the air at several tens of meters, it was insane. And here are saving modern technologies that allow you to forgive the mistakes of beginners. This year at the Talgar pass built a new terrain Park, which set the Big Air Bag is an inflatable cushion for a comfortable landing.

Jibbing — acrobatics, jumping, sliding and movement on specially prepared pieces of metal, wood or plastic. This is one of the most spectacular disciplines in snowboard and twin tips (tricks on skis).

On GWJ as judges invited the famous riders from Russia.

“compared to last year the level many children have increased significantly. Such competitions give the riders a strong impetus to progress. Of course, there were downs. Most of them are linked to the insufficient number of trainings and psychological barriers. As far as I know, Kazakhstan is not often that competitions of such scale and this is reflected in the professionalism of the participants”, — shared his impressions chief judge of the competition Anton Lavrentiev.

the Competition was really spectacular. Was as graceful flights and slides, and an unfortunate fall. Skis and snowboards can be cracked literally. And the difficulty of the tricks is that not all equipment can withstand the proposed loading.

indeed, not so important to win, as the participation itself. Even if you don’t qualify, such competitions allow to identify weaknesses and define the direction in which we need to strengthen training. But even more important is the opportunity to develop their reserves. A passion for sports and hundreds of views of the audience forced the Amateurs to the limit and show such tricks that they are unlikely to be decided during regular trips to the mountain.

the Winners are not judged, they look up to and try to achieve something greater. This year’s role models were Alexander Smelov from Russia, who took first place in the Big Air discipline I Snowboard and Artem Afanasiev, who became the best skier in the Big Air I Freeski. In Jibbing, the primacy of snowboarder Mikhail Ilyin (Russia) and skier Artem Afanasiev.

GWJ promises to delight with an unforgettable spectacle and in the future, and therefore, many riders have a chance to become the best and to improve their skills, which is limited only by the imagination.