The first President of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev urged citizens of all countries require leaders of their countries making real steps to reduce nuclear weapons. This is stated in his address to representatives of religious interfaith organizations in connection with the 75th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, released on Thursday by the Gorbachev Foundation.

"I appeal to the citizens of all countries: do not give rest to your leaders, politicians, parliamentarians, remind them again and again that the very existence of nuclear weapons represents a mortal threat to humanity. Ask them specific actions, so every year the number of nuclear weapons decreased," is given in the message words of Gorbachev.

He added that "the path to a world without nuclear weapons" began in Reykjavik (in 1986, the then leaders of the USSR and the USA, Gorbachev and Reagan held in the capital of Iceland hours of negotiations and agreed on the disarmament of approx. TASS).

"This way was difficult, thorny. But another purpose can not be. Only the total elimination of nuclear weapons. I wish you fortitude, persistence and perseverance in the pursuit of this goal," Gorbachev added.

He also said that religious interfaith organizations prepare a statement in connection with the anniversary of the nuclear bombing.

"the Draft statement which I have read, is a passionate call to fight for a nuclear-free future of humanity. You refer to politicians, diplomats, religious leaders, youth, scientists, environmentalists. And rightly so. But before you turn to the citizens. This means to each person. Because today is the struggle for the elimination of nuclear weapons is a civic duty of every", – said Gorbachev.