Gorbachev has appealed to the world

Former President of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev in an interview with U.S. magazine Time stated that in the context of a pandemic, governments should reconsider the allocation of funds and to reduce spending on the military by 10-15%, reports RIA Novosti. The released funds, says the politician, should be directed to the security people.

Gorbachev called for a review of "global agenda"

Gorbachev stressed that despite the efforts made worldwide to fight pandemic COVID-19, positive results will not be until “big money” leave “in the furnace of the arms race”.

“Today it is especially clear: there is a need to reallocate resources, redirect them with military purposes in purposes related to human security”, – quotes Agency the words of the former President of the Soviet Union.

The politician drew attention to the fact that world leaders, when faced with a common threat, we must work together to develop a strategy to prepare for the implementation of the plans and to accumulate reserves.


Gorbachev said that after the situation with coronavirus stabiliziruemost on this question it is necessary to convene an emergency session of the United Nations.

“It should be a complete revision of the global agenda”, – he concluded.