Actress Irina Gorbachev published in Instagramснимок, where she holds hands with former soloist Quest Pistols Anton by Savepower, heated so the rumors about their affair.

Rambler wrote that Irina Gorbachev two years ago divorced her husband, actor Gregory Kalinin, catch him in adultery. She has repeatedly said in interviews that returning to her husband, but forgive him and could not.

After the divorce, Gorbachev ceased to advertise personal life, but fans found out that she’s Dating ex-soloist Quest Pistols Anton by Cablepower.

The actress, these rumors did not comment.

Yesterday, August 3, the actress posted a series of pictures taken during a trip to Ukraine.

“In this Beloved city, there is always a reason to return…” KIEV in my heart always!” – she signed the photo (spelling and punctuation of the author saved).

In one of the photos the actress and musician holding hands.

Fans in the comments of a post glad for Gorbachev and Shulepova, stressing that they are very beautiful and harmonious couple.