Ugh, gone again. The telephone terror seems to be defeated. According to the Council of States this week, has also announced the national Council of the telephone terrorist fight and a ban: health insurance brokers are no longer allowed to us the phone randomly. We can breathe a sigh of relief.

Every day, five to six telephone calls from insurance brokers who want to sell you a health insurance. I understand that under a telephone terrorist. But if I’m honest, I can’t join in the conversation at all. In the past, as in the penultimate of the fall I was attacked by a single telephone terrorists. Switzerland is terrorized by a health insurance broker, I know only thanks to the media: According to the Swiss media database has been printed in the past 24 months, this martial concept of about 200 times.

A bad risk

I’m pretty offended that me telephone terrorist on the left. Obviously, I’m too old, a bad risk, as they say in the industry. This is because the brokers do not want to make their Victims merely switching to a lower-cost basic insurance palatable, but also for the conclusion or for the change of hospital costs supplementary insurance persuade. The sale of these products is for health insurers is only interesting if you need them. And this is true more in Younger than in Older.

The national Council does not want to, but are binding only on the telephone terror, but also the amount of commissions paid to Intermediaries and also for the additional insurance, not just for the mandatory basic insurance. But you need to tell the Council of States Yes.

43 million Swiss francs in commissions in the basic insurance plan

On Thursday, I was listening to the Discussions that the sum of the brokerage Commission is added in the basic health insurance to 43 million Swiss francs, in the supplementary insurance to some 400 million. However, if a health insurer pays a third party a Commission or a sales Department, under the dash-no difference.

It’s like with the increase of the Franchise, as I addressed you last week in these columns. The Federal parliamentarian to do so, as they wanted to back the indecent and rising health-care costs to the body. However, neither with higher deductibles with lower brokerage commissions, the costs will dampen growth. They draw a maximum of the real issues.

In the fall of 2017, an independent group of experts, presented under the old Councillor of state, Verena Diener 38 cost-saving and efficiency-enhancing measures, to eliminate bad incentives. Neither a higher Franchise is still a cap on commissions can be found under these proposals.