Google Switzerland is celebrating its birthday. Because the search engine giant, there are in this country for 15 years. For the US group’s reason enough for its new headquarters in Zurich to inaugurate. 400 employees in the offices. In the meantime, the fourth building, at the Europaallee next to the main train station, the Google dedicates. Two more were still under construction, said the building managers Lucas Stolwijk on Tuesday in front of the media. So you have space for 5’000 jobs in the city of Zurich. Reason for joy for job seekers: Up to 1000 Jobs will be created.

Already today, Zurich is just under 4’000 employees from 85 Nations Google’s largest research and development site outside the United States, says the Swiss Urs Hölzle (55). He is, according to the Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page, the service’s oldest employee of the search engine company. Hölzle is for the data centers and the IT infrastructure of the U.S. company.

As of 2004, all on the Limmatquai

began Only in March, Google had expanded its Cloud offering in Switzerland with the launch of Google Cloud Zurich Region (GCP-Zurich). Thus, the American Mega-Corporation wants to improve the offer for companies or authorities. The ultimate goal: the access to the worldwide network optimize.

Google had Started at the Limmatquai in zürich in 2004 with two employees. It was the first branch of Google outside the US. They offered only 35 employees and appeared Hölzle at the beginning, it is much too big. It was he who had made for the Swiss site strong. Google wanted high. Already in the first week we went, therefore, on the ETH job fair to find employees.

Rapid growth in Zürich

A year later, there were already 70 employees. Soon it was on the estate road back to tight, where around 150, were to be found. In March 2008, Google changed the Site of the former brewery Hürlimann. Nine years after the arrival in Zurich, Google already had over 1100 employees.

Finally, the Hürlimann-Areal is no longer enough. 2017 expanded Google – the Sihlpost and the Europa Allee next to the main train station. However, that was only the first step. By the end of 2020 in accordance with the time information to be successively two building. We are on schedule, says Stolwijk.

It had been in 2004, does not have a Central growth plan in the group for Google in Switzerland, says Hölzle. That Zurich was the third largest site in Google at all, is due to the fact that “it works so well”, says the Basel area. “The decisive factor was that we were able to attract good employees from all over the world. This is the recipe for success.”

In Zurich, fiddled

Other factors for the attractiveness of Switzerland as a workplace, the proximity of the ETHs and universities, the high level of wages or the tax policy. Hölzle: “I’m super glad the way it turned out.”

The Teams in Zurich work on Google services like search, Google Assistant, Google Maps, Gmail or Youtube. Similarly, a Team of researches in Zurich on the topic of artificial intelligence. When looking for a job, the group works together with suppliers. Google wants to improve the search of a job and the application process.

media and the SBB are in the boat

in Addition, Google Assistant, languages, recently, the Swiss users in the three national German, French and Italian. At various portals you can get from the Assistant, the message read. For many media consumers, a relief.

the Federal Railways with this: In the SBB App, you can use the new phone’s camera, to be on the fastest Connections, its security.

the aim of Google is the services not only on high-end devices but also on entry-level devices offer. “A child in Africa should have the same services available at the ETH-Zurich Professor,” says Hölzle. For Google so there is still enough to do. (SDA/bro)