Google has released a

the Developers of Google Translate announced the availability of a new tool for speech translation in real – time Transcribe for Android. It is available for eight languages: English, French, German, Hindi, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Thai.

In contrast to the already existing Google Translate capabilities, Transcribe does not impose restrictions on the duration of the translated speech text transcript is created not by words or phrases, and continuously. Tool perfect for translating any speech including audio books or lectures in a foreign language.

the User can adjust the size of the text displayed by the function of Transcribe, and put the translation on pause at any time. The translation itself is the voice engine Live Transcribe that involve cloud-based “neural processors” TPU (tensor processor unit). This allows you to update the translation in real time with a speed up to several times per second.

the same technology uses the app “Google voice Recorder” which is “exclusive” smartphones Google Pixel. In the future (when it is not specified) Google intends to implement the function Transcribe and the translate app on the iOS platform.

Text: To.Hi-tech