One thing is clear: in the next few weeks, we all need to be very creative to drive home the time. Why not on the Museum tour? We show how you to from your Sofa, the most beautiful and most impressive museums and exhibits to experience.

Google Arts & Culture is an Online platform that the Internet has caused the giant to life in order to show the possibilities of its Street-View technology. This, however, would be an example of the Museum have been done. In the meantime, Google offers virtual tours of the main galleries and cultural sites in the world. But art is not experience in the network only via Google.

PICTURE shows a selection.

the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

Vincent Van Gogh (d. 1890) and his art are one of the most fascinating things in the art world. You walk in Amsterdam in the footsteps of the great painter in a Museum that bears his name.

you not only meet more than 200 images of the Dutchman, around 750 of him, wrote letters to friends and contemporaries you can deep in his soul and in the period around the turn of the century to penetrate. Come on in!

welcome to the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam photo: Google Arts & Culture

The Getty Museum, Los Angeles

The huge Getty-Villa, in the heart of Malibu in Los Angeles, is home to the J. Paul Getty Museum. It is both art works, the to the 8. Century back, as well as contemporary exhibits.

The sculptures and works of European painters are embedded in a wonderful garden, always with a view of the Californian metropolis. Google’s Street View Tour takes you to the collection of Greek, Roman and Etruscan Antiques.