After three months on the housing market can the artistic pair of Louis Samson and Sarah-Sofie Torp Boussnina-Myhre begin to fold flyttekasserne as I say goodbye to the home in Vesterbro.

the Couple’s 90-square-foot apartment in the copenhagen town not far from the main train station has been sold. It writes boligsitet men

The new owners have put 4,15 million dollars to take over the keys to the two rooms, located in a classic apartment building from 1872.

It means that Julias Moon-musician and Lærkevej-the actress ended up giving a little discount in the deal: the last ask price was namely on the 4.395.000 crowns and, therefore, to 245.000 dollars higher than the final hammer price.

In spite of the refusal, the couple has, however, been more for the apartment than they 3.525.00 crowns, they gave for the by a transfer within a family back in 2016.

Above average in the expensive area

Louis Samson Myhre – who has spoiled the danes ‘ eardrums as the lead singer of the defunct band Julias Moon – was married with Fasandræberne-actress Sarah-Sofie Torp Boussnina-Myhre in 2016 – the same year where they took over the apartment in Vesterbro.

even Though the pair now say goodbye to their first home as a married couple, can they enjoy to have got 46.100 million for each of the 90 square meters in københavnerlejligheden, which, according to figures from the men is a bit more than the average for the district.

In the Vesterbro district gave last year’s buyers around 44.700 dollars per. ejerlejlighedskvadratmeter*, and the area has some of the country’s highest selling prices.

Copenhagen V, denmark is only surpassed by Nordhavn, Copenhagen K, Frederiksberg C and Hellerup, where a ejerlejlighedskvadratmeter cost between 46.000 and 54.500 crowns.

Sarah-Sofie Torp Boussnina-Myhre in addition to the tv series Lærkevej, and the film version of Jussi Adler-Olsen’s second novel about the Section Q also appeared, among others, in 1864, and the Bridge. Julia’s Moon and Louis Samson Myhre is probably best known for the smash hit Lipstick Lies.

See the couple’s former apartment here.

*men has calculated the average salgskvadratmeterpris of condos sold in the entire 2019 distributed in the districts.