Previously it was thought that gonorrhea transmits only in the case of sexual contact. Far from it. According to a study in the journal “Sexually Transmitted Infections” speaking of Kissing, Australian researchers now have a risk-factor.

Therefore, people with or without the Sex, the danger, the STD pick up. Depending on the circumstances, it’s enough Kissing for an infection, according to a study by Monash University in Melbourne.

so Far, the recommendation was that condoms protect against gonorrhea. Now of tongue kissing is a risk to assume that to avoid intercourse, depending on difficult. The new piece of advice: be careful with heavy tongue kissing.

treatment: antibiotics.

symptoms: vaginal discharge in men and women and pain during urination, but need not occur. About a quarter of the Infected tracks are in the case of an infection with the bacterium no. If left untreated, the joint can entzündunen and meningitis follow. Both partners must be treated.

Increased risk of HIV

In Switzerland, there were, according to the Federal office for health (BAG) 2’270 confirmed gonorrhea cases in the year 2016, slightly more than in the previous year. The proportion of men is around 80 percent is very high, the age group of 25 – to 44-Year-old is the most affected.

In the case of homosexual and bisexual men, persons with multiple sex partners, and in the area of Prostitution, the disease is more common than in the rest of the population.

Worldwide, infecting, according to the world health organization (WHO), every year 78 million people with gonorrhea. Even if the disease is not normally fatal, it can cause complications such as blood poisoning and infertility. In addition, the infection increases the risk of HIV Transmission.


The bacteria infest the mucous membranes of the urinary tract and sex organs, but also eyes, conjunctiva, intestine, and pharynx. Most of the time it takes after infection for one to three days until first symptoms occur.

men often develop a painful urethritis with a purulent, yellow-greenish vaginal discharge. Also in women, gonorrhea can infect the urinary tract and further spread.

another Problem is that more and more gonorrhea strains are antibiotic-resistant. (kes)

Unprotected Sex can have unintended consequences – these venereal diseases can be troublesome and lethal.


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