Golikova said that the Russians are tired of limitations due to coronavirus

the Russians are tired of restrictive measures in connection with the pandemic coronavirus, therefore, it is important to evaluate the possibility of weakening, said Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova. She stressed that Russia’s population is already a month living in restrictions.

It is therefore important to assess when to relax the restrictive measures announced in the communication with the virologists and epidemiologists Golikova. Restrictive measures lead to stagnation of the economy and the psychological fatigue of people.

in many regions the citizens do not comply with self-isolation. And it is a matter of serious concern.

Golikova added that the Russians need a little more patience, to wait for the country out of isolation. The lifting of restrictions also depends on how citizens will abide by the restrictive measures imposed. She also believes that over the past week the number of patients with coronavirus in Russia grew in 2 times. Special burden the health care system suffers in Central Russia, primarily in Moscow and Moscow region.

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