MOSCOW, may 29. /TASS/. Government of the Russian Federation on may 29, has not published data on mortality in Russia in April due lack of information for some regions in connection with non-working days that were declared in the period from 25 March to 11 may. This was announced on Friday at a briefing in the government house of the Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova.

“on may 29, we would have to publish official data on the statistics of natural movement of population, which includes all indicators of fertility and mortality, marriages and divorces and a number of other indicators. But due to the fact that from March 25 to may 11 was declared non-working days and functioned only those areas that provided the livelihood in some regions of the state organs of registration of acts of civil status also did not work and, consequently, were not able to enter data into the unified state register of records of acts of civil status, which is the Federal tax service” — said Golikova.

“And we online know what is happening with the statistics of natural movement of population. Unfortunately, April did not allow us this work to finish. We gathered all the information we have for April today, but it is incomplete, and, of course, we will finish in the near future and will publish official data on the statistics of the natural movement of the population,” said the Deputy Prime Minister.

According to her, the number of deaths in Russia in Jan-APR 2020 compared to the figure of 2019 has decreased by 19.5 million, including 6.7 million in April.

the speaker assured that the Russian specialists get accurate data about the cause of death of a person due to the fact that the autopsies were performed in nearly 100% of cases.

“Russia accounts for nearly 100% of pathoanatomical dissection, which allows us to obtain accurate data on the nature of the disease, the cause of death, which cannot be detected, so to speak, a superficial investigation,” she said at a briefing in the government House.

the Period during which conducted a study in Russia reaches 45 days, but in some regions make it faster, added the Deputy Prime Minister.