Golikova: China has not yet provided Russia with a live strain of the coronavirus

the Russian doctors who arrived in China until I got a live strain 2019 new coronavirus-nCoV. This was announced by Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova.

She noted that our physicians work with our Chinese colleagues “tight enough”. They have scheduled visits to medical facilities and biological laboratories.

in addition, Golikova said that by the pharmacies over the price of the mask on the background of the situation with coronavirus will be applied measures. Friday will be the first meeting of the operational headquarters, therefore, passes TASS. Will be presented by representatives of the FAS, the health Ministry and the Ministry of industry and trade on the provision of medical industry, consumer demand for personal protective equipment. Then the government say what measures would be a priority.

on the Eve of Vladimir Putin said that the need to take away the licenses of pharmacies in the Wake of the suppression of coronavirus inflate the prices of personal protective equipment and antiviral drugs.

According to the latest data, the number of cases in China exceeded 28 thousand people, more than 560 of them died.