In Los Angeles named the winners of the prize “Golden raspberry”, awarded for the most dubious film work.

the Jury, consisting of 700 people, is recognized as the worst film of the year the musical “Cats” by Tom Hooper. He also received a “Razzie” in the category “Worst Director”. Among the other bands nominated for this award, was “the Ghosts of Sharon Tate”, “Fan”, “Madea’s funeral” and “Rambo: Last blood”, reports TASS.

In the category “Worst actor” was won by John Travolta for his role in the movie “the Fan” and “side by Side”, the worst actress of the year was Hilary Duff for her role in the film “the Ghosts of Sharon Tate.”

But the actor Eddie Murphy this year, the jury of the award decided to rehabilitate for her role in the film “my name is Dolemite” he received the award in the nomination “the Best restoration of reputation” (it is awarded if the holder of the previous “Golden Malin” has managed to show great skill in their new jobs).