GOATS collide Tiger Woods and Phil Mickleson to be partnered by NFL legends Peyton Manning and Tom Brady in pro am golf showdown

Just a matter of weeks after Phil Mickelson floated the idea of a rematch, he and Tiger Woods are all set to team up with two of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history for a golf challenge to raise money for COVID-19 charities.

According to a report from The Action Network, Woods will be partnered by former Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos legend Peyton Manning, while Mickelson will be joined by former New England Patriots legend and new arrival at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tom Brady.

The two-versus-two matchup is set to be broadcast on TNT in the United States, with the date rumored to be May 15 or May 24. The matchup will be dubbed: “The Match: Champions for Charity,” with all funds raised to be donated to COVID-19 relief charities.

It is currently unclear where the event will be held, but it is most likely to take place at a course in Florida, where restrictions are in the process of being relaxed to allow the resumption of select events in the state.

The professional wrestling promotion WWE has already had its workers officially deemed “essential,” meaning they can continue with hosting shows from their Performance Center.

But for a golf event, the PGA Tour would need to grant the two players a release to take part in the independent event. The organization is also seeking reassurances over the health and safety measures that will be instituted for the event.

Speaking to The Action Network, a PGA Tour official stated: “We are still in discussions on a number of items, including ensuring the health and safety for all involved with the event.”