The Polish government seeks to get rid of the need to conduct the ships coming into the city Along through Russian territory and plans to build its own access to the Baltic sea. The opposition leader Rafal Trzaskowski in case of victory in the presidential election want this project to close, and had the reputation because of this “Kremlin agent”, triggering a violent reaction of the opponents.

The Russian side never let the Polish sea-going vessels, and in history has never been the case when Russia closed the passage to the Baltic sea.

The author believes that in this way Poland wants to place a NATO base as close to Russia, and Elblag is perfectly located for these purposes, writes “Politekspert”.

Militarization of the region will lead to another conflict. It can be poured and in international and domestic. This is now the Polish government stubbornly ignores even the position of the European Union, Warsaw “is on the same rake”, blaming their failures the next “agents of the Kremlin”.

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