Free time, What do you do when you like a business from the ground and stomped it, but we need to the doors are required to close the coronacrisis? It’s what happened to the Groin, and the Museums of the place StudioFluo.

in the Groin, and the Museums have been a part-time flight attendant. A dream job, all it means is that they are due to their tough work schedule can never be a hobby and were able to carry on a fixed day. There are a few ways to customize the names of the boss and the ladies themselves in the driving seat, and the opening of a recent creative workshopatelier in Antwerp, belgium. You have to follow, among other things, the workshops handletteren, taking care of plants and cuttings, ceramics, label, linocut, life drawing, silk-screen printing or you can take yoga classes. To make their creative project, however, came to an abrupt end in the form of the same name. “We have a number of each and every hurdle in our path of thought, only it is not a pandemic… weird, huh!?”, it tells Lies. “It was really a shock… no workshops, and more MAY happen.”

then they both of the ladies did not give up, and they started to come up with a whole series of original DIY knutselpakketten, which is delivered to your home. “We want to stand in front of a new generation of entrepreneurs and start-ups that fall out, had to eat humble pie (with self-pity for a while, and pakske in vienna, and then to just go for it! #gaanmetdefluobanaan is our motto!”

from the website of StudioFluo do you think are currently the 10 original DIY packages, which is something a little bit different than the usual knutselbox. What do you think, for example, a box with all the supplies to make a spoon, to learn how to cut it. Or a DIY box filled with items to make your own herbarium to do with it? It was actually thought of before. For them, there is, for example, a package in the range to create a macramé rainbow to make it. One thing is for sure: it was during this quarantine time you get to your most creative side.