Five finalists fought on Thursday evening for the title “Germany’s next top model” 2022. At the end of the 17th season, 18-year-old Lou-Anne from Vienna won the title. The TV spectacle was accompanied by plenty of criticism from former candidates and YouTuber Rezo. All news here in the ticker to read.

8.45 a.m .: After some ex-GNTM participants made serious allegations against the show, YouTuber Rezo has now published a video in which he criticizes the concept of the show and Heidi Klum personally. “It’s about drastic manipulation, lies up to the allegation of abuse,” the 29-year-old introduces his thirty-minute clip. “I can’t get my head around that this shit show hasn’t been canceled yet.” Heidi Klum he calls “human ugly”.

In his video, Rezo not only addresses body shaming and the alleged cover-up of injuries, but above all the sexualization of minors. He fades in scenes from nude shoots from previous seasons. The participants who are still under 18 emphasize that they do not want to undress. “Heidi, (…) you keep building up the pressure until at some point she’s resigned and broken. And then she lets it go and you can use her body as you want.” According to Rezo, such nude shoots are not normal in the model business. You can remove a pair of underpants in about five minutes via Photoshop.

The YouTuber also shows excerpts from the show that show shootings with male models. About a male model who just posed for photos with two minors, Heidi says: “The funniest thing I found was Dusty, who somehow always had a problem with his pants or what was in the pants. I don’t know either, he kept fiddling with his pants.”

In another scene that Rezo fades in, the then 16-year-old Nathalie Volk is told during a shoot that she should “pay more attention to seduction” because she is “not the woman for life, but the woman for the night”. Continuing his video, Rezo also says the production would “consciously and actively inflict emotional pain on people so that they can then monetize their tears.”

Heidi Klum herself commented on the criticism of the show in the big live finale yesterday. She was unimpressed and announced: “Dear critics, I have to disappoint you. We will continue in the same way.”

11:10 p.m .: “Now you can just skip the TV for a year,” says Heidi. With that we press the red button on our remote control and say goodbye to you. As Heidi says – see you next year! We are delighted that you were with us today.

11:04 p.m .: Lou-Anne is the winner! She appears on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar magazine and receives a prize of 100,000 euros.

11:03 p.m .: Heidi holds the two women on the left and right on her hands. The decision is imminent.

10:59 p.m .: In the middle of the catwalk, both finalists stop in front of Heidi. In the background, the designer crew is sitting on the couch.

10:56 p.m .: Heidi has changed again (yes, the outfit glitters). Lou-Anne and Luca walk the runway to dramatic music. Of course: They also had to change their outfit before making the decision.

10:54 p.m .: It goes on! And now it gets really exciting. We’ll soon know who “Germany’s next top model” 2022 is.

10:44 p.m .: After the dance performance, Heidi has to go into himself. “See you after a little break,” she announces.

10:41 p.m .: The next walk is much more spectacular. Lightly clad, the two finalists float down the catwalk, now “right around” again. They are danced around by men who wear even less than they do. Yes, that’s apparently possible.

10:38 p.m .: Back from the break, Heidi announces the “most difficult walk of all time”. Lou-Anne and Luca must climb the catwalk head first. For the viewer in front of the television, however, this is less spectacular than initially expected, according to Heidi.

10:25 p.m.: Mother Martina has to go. Now let’s get into advertising.

10:23 p.m .: Luca is one lap further. Now the decision is made between the mother-daughter duo Martina and Lou-Anne. “It had to come at some point…” says Heidi.

10:22 p.m .: After the shoot, the decision is made …

10:15 p.m .: “It’s not a bed at all, it’s a trampoline,” reveals juror Heidi. Star photographer Ellen von Unwerth is also hiding in the bed, which is actually a trampoline. And she is now taking photos of the finalists.

10:13 p.m .: Also memorable: Heidi is back on stage with the three finalists in a pink plush bed.

10:10 p.m .: A compilation of the “best moments of the season” follows. This one was at least one of the most memorable: Contestant Lieselotte praises Heidi’s great taste in men while sitting on the makeover. Oh well.

10:06 p.m .: “Okay, I really have to chill”, ex-candidate Sophie is now trying to calm herself down because she just found out that she had won the “Personality Award”.

10:02 p.m .: Back from the break! Oh yes: Heidi has a new outfit again. This time it’s a white glittering, long and slightly transparent dress. So glitter endures. Can the same be said of today’s winner?

9:49 p.m .: The commercials that are now to follow should not be particularly diverse, but above all numerous. So see you soon when the “Personality Award” is presented.

9:47 p.m .: Of course, special attention is paid to the three remaining candidates. Designer Julien praises their diversity: “You represent all women.”

9:40 p.m.: The number of finalists and designers is now equal: fashion designer Julien MacDonald joins Marina and Jeremy on the couch. Together with Heidi, they can now watch the top 20 catwalk.

9:32 p.m .: The participants who have already been eliminated in the previous episodes are waiting behind the scenes of the show. What’s the mood like backstage? “Very chilled,” reveals the moderator Heidi when asked.

9:31 p.m .: With “I love you” Noëlla is kissed by Heidi. So she’s the one who has to leave the show in fourth place.

9:29 p.m .: Luca and Lou-Anne are already further. Does Martina or Noëlla have to go?

9:28 p.m .: It goes on – but not for everyone. Because now the second decision of the evening is pending.

9:20 p.m .: Advertisement!

9:10 p.m .: A candidate leaves, but a designer comes. Namely Austrian Marina Hoermanseder. The four remaining women now walk the catwalk in their creations. Meanwhile, she sits next to Heidi and Jeremy on the couch and watches the finalists’ catwalk.

9:01 p.m .: Noëlla is allowed to stay for now. Luca too. Lou Anne too. Martina is also further. That means: Anita has to go!

8:56 p.m .: After a performance by last year’s ESC winners (the Italian band “Måneskin” with the song “Supermodel”), the finalists pose in front of the couch on which Heidi and designer Jeremy (who created the five women’s extraordinary outfits) sit . Ooh, it smells like sacking!

8:52 p.m .: The move was worth it! Especially for candidate Martina. She now wears a lampshade over her head.

8:39 p.m .: Correct guess? The solution: It’s US designer Jeremy Scott. He now takes a seat next to the juror on the catwalk’s own couch.

8:33 p.m .: Now the five finalists enter the catwalk. They don’t stay there long. Because: They too have to change now! Heidi announces a star guest for this. We are excited…. A little tip: According to his own statement, he always calls Heidi “my apple strudel”.

8:26 p.m .: Heidi has recovered. And also moved! Now she is wearing a glittering blue kimono. “Dear critics, unfortunately I have to disappoint you: We’re going to continue as before. It will continue next year!” she reports back. The fans in the studio applaud.

8:23 p.m .: Heidi is pretty out of breath after her singing performance. That’s why all last year’s finalists now emphasize to the presenter HOW successful they are in the model business after the show.

8:18 p.m .: As if that wasn’t spectacular enough, rapper Snoop Doog also appears on stage (Heidi recorded the title song with him).

8:15 p.m .: Here we go! And how: Heidi is sitting on a white piano, together with her husband Tom. The two sing the show’s theme song, “Chai Tea with Heidi.” The most exciting question is not who wins the show today, but what Heidi is wearing. And now it’s aired: the juror combines ripped jeans with a skin-tight, transparent glitter top.

7.45 p.m .: If we have learned anything in the 17 seasons of Heidi Klum’s model show, then that: only one can become “Germany’s next top model”! On Thursday evening it will be decided which of the five finalists can look forward to the title.

The anticipation of the final, which takes place live in Cologne, was clouded by serious allegations from ex-participant Lijana Kaggwa (25). In a YouTube video, she sharply criticized the GNTM production company “Redseven”, accusing her of deliberately manipulating the candidates, fomenting arguments and provoking breakdowns. Allegations that some former candidates joined (such as Nathalie Volk).

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