General Motors announced Monday that Kyle Vogt, the CEO of Cruise Autonomous Vehicle subsidiary, will replace him. Vogt was instrumental in creating Cruise in 2013.

Vogt’s tweet was confirmed by a representative of GM, who said that Vogt had “once more” accepted the role as Cruise CEO.

He replaces Dan Ammann. In December , Detroit’s automaker stated that Ammann would be leaving the company and that Vogt would take over as interim CEO of Cruise.

Cruise operates a fleet of small autonomous-vehicle vehicles in San Francisco. It opened to the public at the start of February. GM hopes to obtain a permit this year to charge passengers for autonomous rides.

Vogt tweeted Monday, “Based on feedback received from early users our robo-taxi services, we’ve created something really special.” I try not to overhype or set unrealistic expectations, but this feels so much better than the status-quo. This has been something we’ve needed for a while.”