The main substance of the Roundup of Mansanto is the subject of forty-four new complaints Monday, October 15 before the court of Foix (Ariège) against manufacturers and decision makers that allow the herbicide most used in France, has announced the association’s Campaign to glyphosate. These complaints registered for ” endangering the lives of others “, “aggravated tort of deceit” and “environmental damage” in addition to the eight already recorded, the first in France, on June 15, before the same court. Fifty others are expected to be filed by the end of October.

The prosecutor of the Republic of Foix has relinquished jurisdiction of the case to the advantage of the pole santé publique du tribunal de grande instance of Paris, in charge of the investigations.

Launched in the spring of 2018 by the class of Reapers volunteers, the Campaign glyphosate aims to find the rate of glyphosate in the urine of the citizens and then to lodge a complaint against the manufacturers and makers that allow this product to Monsanto, a subsidiary of Bayer. According to the association some others fusion gnawa bands, the results of the approximately 150 first analyses are “disturbing” and revealed that ” the average rate of glyphosate in the urine of the complainants is about fifteen times higher than the maximum rate allowed in the drinking water “.

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“The complaints are intended to individuals”

” The complaints are aimed at individuals, CEOS and members of boards of directors of groups that manufacture pesticides containing glyphosate, such as Bayer-Monsanto, Barclay Chemicals, Adama France, Agrifar. They also target decision-makers and agencies that have authorized it to do, as the president and the members of the european Commission or of the appeal committee of the commission “, explained Dominique Masset, co-chair of the association’s Campaign to glyphosate.

Limited to a period covering the last two quarters of 2017 and the first quarter of 2018, they also focus on the governance of Anses, national Agency of sanitary safety of food, environment and labour, and the AFSA, its counterpart in europe. The member States of the european Union have voted by November 2017 for a new authorization for five years of this herbicide, the most used in the world. In France, while Emmanuel Macron was committed to a output of glyphosate in 2021, the mps refused in may register it in the act farming and food.

A jury in u.s. ruled in August that the Roundup was the origin of the cancer developed by a service agent and was sentenced Monsanto to pay $ 289 million in compensation.

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