In German-speaking Switzerland they are known as the woman who eats insects: GLP national councillor Isabelle Chevalley (47). In French-speaking Switzerland, by contrast, is omnipresent, much as a speaker. To almost every political issue, the Federal government in Bern, moves you to say something: Whether AHV-Reform, tax revision, Europe, fighter jets or climate policy – the Vaud countries, the figurehead of the green liberals in the West of Switzerland is.

The reason for this is simple: Chevalley, and in 2011, the only Italian GLP-representative in the Federal house. “I know all the shops, which means a lot of work,” she says to VIEW.

Chevalley hopes to Gschpänli

That should change in the fall. The small party to occur in four of the Western Swiss cantons with their own lists. The Canton of Vaud the seat of Chevalley is expected to defend. To increase the party can hope for is most likely in the Canton of Geneva, where the prominent physician and FMH Vice-President of the Michel Matter inaugural.

“I would like to finally have a Partner. That would be my dream!”, Chevalley says, laughing. “As the only Romande in the group, it is not always easy.” So the cat lover finds quite the cultural differences – for example, what relates to the sense of Humor. “It happens that I make a joke and from the colleagues with big eyes will look at.”

A Tick on the right

on top of that you still have a Tick on the right is ticking as the green liberals on this side of the rösti ditch. “In agriculture policy, I agree more often with the SVP as with my party,” says Chevalley. At least in your Canton, it also has no fears of contact to the Right. “The Vaudois SVP is not the Zurich-based SVP”, it provides clear. She tensed at the state Council elections, with the right block.

With their political hobby-horses you fit into the group. The PhD chemist is the connection of Ecology and Economy for yourself. As President of Suisse Éole, she is involved in the Expansion of wind energy. As Vice-President of Objectif Train de nuit you for a new night train-concept in Europe.

But her big passion is Africa: the Comoros, and Burkina Faso has established recycling projects. In other countries, such as Rwanda, Senegal, or Kenya, she also has plans. A commitment of Conviction. “Africa is drowning in waste,” says Chevalley. And adds striking: “Before you set foot on the beach, you just put it in the garbage – I want to change that.”

it is called “Madame positive”

Chevalley holds in your group at least a special role. This is due to the fact that your English improvement is also after eight years in the Federal government in Bern is still worthy. “I just go more often with my French-speaking colleagues, had a Cup of coffee than with the Swiss-German party colleagues,” she acknowledges. A time, an outsider to the political bundle of energy but is not.

Whether “Madame positive”, as they say in the group will be called in the future, with a Gschpänli to Bern commutes, but anything other than safe. Because the “Vert’libéraux” is not in the West of Switzerland, right on the spot. While the green liberals in the German part of Switzerland rush from success to success and in the autumn with a rich voice, growth may be expected, is facing problems in the Romandie for years.

Even worse: According to the most recent SRG-election barometer of the humble voters share in the French – could fall-speaking part of the country even further to a meagre 2.3 per cent. Of the green wave, the Greens and the FDP benefit here.

FDP ecological, Green moderate

That the GLP valley of the Saane river is stagnant, has his reasons. The free-minded as direct competition and are oriented in the Romandie ecological, social-liberal and progressive than in the German part of Switzerland. But the Greens appear more moderate than in the German part of Switzerland.

“For the green liberal is it, then, there are more and more difficult”, says Chevalley. But now, a left-Generation just come in the Green on the handle, refers to Chevalley about the Genevan Lisa Mazzone (31). “If the Greens radicalise it, will help us”, is a Chevalley convinced. “Then there is more room in the political center.”

she also stresses that the green liberals were founded in French-speaking Switzerland much later than in the German part of Switzerland. Only in four of the six French-speaking cantons are represented with their own cantonal sections. “Give us a little more time,” she laughs. “The Romandie green liberal looks like.”

On the 20. In October the Federal Parliament elections in Switzerland. The total of 200 seats in the national Council are distributed according to the number of population in the cantons, and need to be re-elected. Also the 46 seats of the Council of States to be re-awarded.

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