Jürg Large: I left the attack by Mr Levrat. After the election consequences in Zurich and Lucerne has given us the FDP, the Left, now Levrat referred to us as rights. The shows: We are exactly positioned correctly. As a green liberal centre.

It went to the cantonal government in Vaud. At the national Assembly, we have no list of links with the SVP. When it comes to list compounds that are not substantive, but rather mathematical Considerations in the foreground. In addition, the SP makes a “Parcel” with the SVP and occurred with national councillor Corrado Pardini two Times on the side of Christoph Blocher against the further development of the Bilateral in the “Arena”.

no, the Problem for small parties, unfair electoral system is. The major parties are allocated before we try to correct with the connections List. In Lucerne, we have made a list of conjunction with the SP and the Greens, and the Green to at least one additional seat helped!

Levrat picks out the individual points and not the Whole. You realize that he belongs more in the national Council, but in the Council of States and the Overview lost, what’s going on in the national Council. Of a social ice age can be the green-liberal.

So, we want to reduce, for example, in the case of the pension funds, the coordination deduction, which helps lower-income to more pension. The day-care centre funding, we have supported. But this is not true: We want to strengthen the self-responsibility and awareness-raising of the Insured – as is the case with the higher deductibles. We stand by our social system, but want to set the right incentives.

The digitalization has a huge impact on new forms of work, which we must recognize as an opportunity. The SP, however, is at work, a stoic of the conservative party, which wants to cement old structures, although the world is changing around them rapidly. Another example of digital booking platforms, which will put the SP in the way of that. We are actually open on the road.

it is Crucial that we reach a new majority for the climate and the environment and the further development of Bilateral. The FDP/SVP-majority in the national Assembly must actually fall. Above all, the progress must growth centre, wherein the GLP plays a crucial role. The GLP has to be to tip the scales. We compete in 19 cantons. I want to skip the 6-percent-hurdle in the national Council at least ten seats to get – maybe two, three there are even more.

I hope to have a climate-slip! We have to get into the climate policy is finally moving forward. Since it does not bother me, if the Left gains a little bit – as long as you don’t do this at our expense.

the Decisive factor is the climate-Alliance in the Parliament. In some cantons, there will be also list connections with SP and Greens – for example, in Lucerne, in most cantons, however, CVP, BDP and EVP.

It takes now is actually a great throw for the renewable energies to the adopted energy strategy. I discuss with the SP, but also with the CVP and the FDP on new measures. But it is not the goal, just as much money to spend. It needs to primary the right incentives and a good framework for Cleantech.

We need to put economic incentives. It is important that the existing building space solar building energy, the producers, and the tenants themselves – under their own roof. It is more Efficient.

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