We live in times of distrust. The best evidence of the Globi–. The blue people bird today would bring no more on the market: imagine a guy who walks in plaid pants, with unsheathed sword, the torso and a Béret on your head through life. He lives alone, about amorous relationships nothing is known. For this, he is remarkably often in the environment of students. And is called the “children’s friend”.

As Robert’s Lips had invented his figure in the thirty years (at the beginning, a Youngster with parents and siblings), not a theme. 2019 ringing, however, bells at such close proximity between children and a male adult, the alarm. The girl on the Lap of the neighbors appear to be suspicious. And Playground-visitors indicates rather that he, as the father with the offspring. Taking pictures in the pool? Extremely risky!

The limitless spread of possibilities for paedophile pornography on the Internet, the horror stories about child abuse, but also the political management of these issues, the company have moved into ambush position. The care area a General suspicion is true: Many parents are uncomfortable when they learn of the new civil service bar in the Kita. Some of the Cribs prohibit their employees any Touching of the children. Other places anyway.

to want to, of all things, a time in which the whole world is screaming for equality, to keep men from a traditional female domain. Against tax of the Association of child care Switzerland with their own projects. Because there are educators who are interested in honest for the profession. And because male authority figures can be good for the children in their development.

The alleged St. Gallen, child molesters, René W. has not only the confidence of the parents and that of his employer, miss. He is also a disaster for all reputable men in the industry.

Robert Lips’ cartoon hero is – of course – absolutely integer: Globi it comes to the happiness of the children. As well as the large majority of men who enter into a Betreuungsjob their Best every day.