Since the summer, Migros is looking for a new owner for several subsidiary companies. This globe belongs to. As “Reuters” and white, according to the sources, is interested in an Austrian at the time of purchase. It is the Investor Rene Benko and his Signa Holding. Bids are to be submitted by the end of November.

Without competition is not to die for but. It seems that there will be dozens of interested parties from home and abroad, says a source. Only a handful of which are likely to crystallize out as a serious contender, so the presumption.

more Difficult to Deal

For the globe-selling was brought to the Migros support for the investment Bank, Alantra and the real estate company CBRE. Reason is, according to the Reuters source, the Deal design difficult.

This could be the real estate connected with certain business – such as the flagship house in Zurich’s Bahnhofstrasse. According to the sources, the Migros to try to sell the building. This point is according to the seller but is still open.

Again, Austrians

by Benko at the end and not buy a globe, then that would be the first Acquisition of a Swiss company with a tradition by Austrians. Only last week, it was announced that the Austrian XXXLutz group furniture Pfister buys.

For Signa it would be a purchase more. In Germany, the Holding has since June, the Department-store chain, Galeria, Karstadt, Kaufhof completely. Benko founded his investors-vehicle in 1999. With property assets of more than 14 billion euros – according to information – is one of Signa to the sizes of real estate investors in Europe.

Signa also has a Migros connection. Chairman of the Board of Directors Dieter Berninghaus is. He was for many years head of the Migros trade division. (jfr)