Every company should be glad to know such a loyal employee like Giuseppina Trimarco (53) from Volketswil ZH in the Team. Especially when it comes to the business of mies and its owner will sell it.

Giuseppina Trimarco works in globe, in the Canton of Valais eller Glatt centre – a Switzerland of 39 locations in the luxury chain, which is still in the possession of the Migros. The retailer does not fit the refined world of the globe to the concept. At the end of June, you announced the intention to sell. A buyer could not be found.

Nevertheless, Trimarcos are counted in days at the globe. She has on 3. July received the notice of termination as a result of branch closure and restructuring. Although your boss at the 1. In may, two months earlier, her congratulated the 20-year anniversary, and she has praised for their “great commitment over the years and the many years of globe Loyalty”. Although you received a Bonus of 2193 francs, and ten additional vacation days to the 4120 francs monthly wage. Both the notice and the letter on the anniversary service are available to VIEW.

kicking out after the service anniversary

In an interview Trimarco says about the Job of a shock: “I fell from the clouds, could not sleep for two days. At work I’ve had but nothing to say.” Then you have asked immediately whether a place is for them to be free. “My boss has denied that,” she says. In spite of the social plan: job search assistance? Fail display. “And after all the years in the globe! I’m severely disappointed,” says Trimarco.

First of all, the Swiss has worked for ten years in the globe-sale. Then you joined the service. There, it ensures an 80-percent workload that behind the sales front in the Load-bearing runs all around. For your use, you received best between the testimonies, the VIEWS are also available.

you were service will now be dissolved, says Trimarco. In the future, the seller should take on their tasks, in addition.

globe confirmed further resignations

Overall, it came in the smooth center to three cancellations because of the two shops the globe for men’s and women’s fashion in the larger house area Were to be integrated, as the company confirmed on request. The service should there be in the future, “the sale will in General, but more diverse,” said globe spokeswoman Tanja Pfaff Hauser.

Globus and Migros, the two companies everyone knows. Luxury for the sophisticated clientele, down-to-earth for the masses. For Migros-chief Fabrice Zumbrunnen (49) does not fit the 1997-purchased globe group now, however, “the DNA of the Migros”. He made the intention to Sell for the upscale fashion stores and homes – a total of 39 – at the end of June were made public (VIEW reported).

Since then, over 3000 globe staff tremble the end of their Jobs. Also, because the company writes losses, but at the same time, the luxury ladder with the Expansion of exclusive brands in the amount wants to climb. As globe confirmed to VIEW, and the Integration is complete of mens globe and shield in the brand globe anyway, “largely”.

In the years 2017/18 were therefore about 15 mergers or closures. More are not currently planned, and promises to be the globe. The exception of those in the Valais are the Creator smooth centre and in Aarau, Switzerland, which took place in August 2019. In the capital of the Canton of Aargau globe said four terminations in the Smooth there are three. Plans to reduce the number of employees in the course of the year, not give it.

globe spokeswoman Tanja Pfaff Hauser confirmed a total of 33 redundancies since the beginning of the year. At the same time, the Expansion of the Online business in need of new jobs. Pfaff Hauser: “The Moment appears favourable in order to pass the globe to a new ownership.” In particular, therefore, “because globe, with the positioning in the Premium and luxury segment of the Migros”.

According to the spokesperson, the sale will be completed only in 2020. The globe Management to CEO Thomas Herbert (49) has already expressed interest.

The Union is familiar with the case: “While the Migros trims the globe for the planned sale fit, wear the employee of the consequences”, says Anne Rubin (50), which is responsible for the retail trade in the Unia. The economic logic is tough: the fewer The employees, the globe has, the lower the costs are. The make globe an attractive bride-to-be on the market.

sales-pressure, extra work without more pay

Less work for the employees but. “The tasks are simply shared between fewer and fewer employees,” says Rubin. Another factor for increasing Stress: globe reached in the Smooth and in most of the other branches of the revenue targets in the last two years. “The store managers are under enormous pressure, the goals of the group Executive Committee to implement. The get then often feel the employees,” says Rubin.

For the past two years, the pressure increases constantly, confirmed Giuseppina Trimarco. Reason for this is the Online-Shop strategy that drives world – and for the Trimarco now is clamped. A higher hourly wage, you don’t get it. Must work instead of five days but also on Saturdays. “Also on Saturday deliveries or returns must come to us to take care of. Anyone who doesn’t conform, the need to go,” says Trimarco.

Pregnant women receives a warning

it is not the Only, the reports of additional tasks, and work pressure. Trimarcos colleague at the globe in the Smooth the same fate awaits as you says LOOK. Liridanan Jashari (27) from Kloten ZH is in the fifth month of pregnancy. You may be under protection from dismissal, but also has informed the chief already verbally that it’ll give to your baby break more and more for you. “I’m afraid of the future”, says Jashari.

it shows a VIEW of a written warning to the chief. “It is important that a woman Jashari is working in your area of responsibility speditiver.” In the last testimony of their “efficient way of working was praised” yet. It addressed trade unionist Rubin says: “It is scandalous, if a Pregnant woman is notified that she has after the birth of more and more.”

Jashari is on the road

The warehouse workers Jashari also had to help out at the sale, because staff lacked. “Then the work in the camp remains, but” she complains. As it is now to go further, don’t know you.

Also Mrs Trimarco is fighting with the tears. She has a big fear of not finding a Job. “Who in the fashion industry, a 53-Year-old?”

the globe is reporting about allegations

globe is surprised by the Union criticism, to work with them “generally very good and tight”. “A lot of pressure on the employees can at least be no question,” said globe spokeswoman Pfaff Hauser. The company support Terminated massively in the transfer.

The majority have to date at the time of expiry of the notice period a contract of employment within or outside the Migros group in the bag.

The case of the Liridanan Jashari was not aware of and “, of course, is unacceptable,” says Pfaff Hauser. With over 3000 employees and over 300 supervisors could be errors in individual cases can never be completely excluded. “No, but we will not tolerate such action.” Whether Jashari will now get a Chance to continue employment, remains open.