in His teaching he did at the globe. He rose to become the Chef and co-owner of the fashion house’s shield, which he sold in 2013, at globe. Then he became a globe-chief.

And now, where is Migros, Globus wants to sell, he would like to place a bid for the Department store. “I’m going to submit in any case, an offer for the globe,” says globe chief Thomas Herbert (50), the “Sunday newspaper”.

Herbert required investors

Herbert holds a 3 percent stake in globe. But if Migros wants to sell the largest of the for-sale subsidiary, including real estate, Herbert needs a solvent Partner. There are various options for a financial strong Partner.

Migros-chief Fabrice Zumbrunnen (49) let it open for the time being, if he wants to get rid of the globe, together with the properties at the best locations. Migros had acquired the house in 1997 for 700 million francs. It has been writing for years, loss and investment in the three-digit million amount needed for the next few years.

groom of the globe should. 2020 to be known

Without a real estate is a globe not an attractive bride-to-be, just as little as the also for sale furniture house Interio Zumbrunnen will be announced next year, the name of the buyer. In the end, he’ll still be glad to be the internal interested Herbert. (gnc)