The United Nations says that “2021 will be catastrophic,” warning of a humanitarian crisis in which 270 million people could starve. RT’s Keiser Report explores whether such a projection could be true.

The usual bragging of organizations like the UN, WEF, and the IMF that millions of people around the world have been lifted out of poverty “is unsustainable because it is all based on fiat money,” says Max Keiser.

According to him, “the global fiat-money Ponzi scheme is now collapsing and we are going back to poverty.” 

Max says that “we need actual sound money like gold – but of course that doesn’t work so much as bitcoin does – and what will happen is there will be hundreds of millions and billions of people in the world that will say to their central bank and their nation-state and their government: ‘You know what, we are not interested in fiat money anymore, we just want to have our own money, our own peace of mind, and you can go away.’”

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