The WhatsApp messenger users around the world complained of a problem with the program, reports the Telegram-channel Lift.

It is noted that the messenger fails in Europe: in Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the UK and also in North and South America. The problem in communication was not spared and Russians often complain about users in the European part of the country: in Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Tula and other cities.

According to journalists, in most cases, users cannot communicate with the server to log in or use the desktop version of the program. The result was problematic to send a message, make an audio or video call. Our support team will investigate the cause of the problem.

On 14 July, as reported by “the Rambler”, the users of Google services complained about their incorrect work. For example, it was impossible to log in to the account of the YouTube. According to media reports, about 92% of Russian Internet users stated that they experience problems with the operation of the site, about 5% said they are unable to view videos.