The hosts of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy, look at the US national debt, which has spiked by $4.2 trillion in a year to total $26.7 trillion.

Max says there’s a reflection point here: “Global GDP is roughly $100 trillion, and the amount of assets bought by top central banks around the world is now approaching $100 trillion” – and it’s likely to tip over that mark. That’s like pouring water into a bucket, Max says, and as the water fills the bucket and, at some point, reaches the top, it starts to pour out.

“There is no capacity for earth economy to carry any more debt. We are at saturation point,” he says, adding: “Now, every dollar that central banks print will go directly into consumer price index inflation… and that’s going to cause incredible social unrest,” particularly in countries such as the United States.

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