The fire Department had to move out on Tuesday night in Glattbrugg, ZH. Basic messages about a strong development of Smoke in the apartment on the ground floor of a multi family house.

The fire brigade came immediately, and was able to extinguish the fire stove in the kitchen quickly. The eleven house, residents were able to leave the house independently.

Two women in the hospital

Two women had to be driven with a suspected flue gas poisoning for the control to go to the hospital. Due to the large Smoke all the other inhabitants of the house were examined in a large-room outpatient Department of protection & rescue Zurich as a precaution.

were detected, no further casualties. The affected dwelling is not currently habitable. According to initial investigations, the fire investigation service of the police Department of the Canton of Zurich, a pan is as a cause of the fire on the stove in the foreground.

in Addition to the cantonal police of Zurich, the base feuerwehr Opfikon, protection & rescue were with a large room, ambulance, and four rescue, and two emergency doctors, as well as the city police of Kloten and Opfikon.