In a seething video, a US policeman and staunch Trump supporter has offered anti-fascist and Black Lives Matter protestors the chance to take him on in a fight, with WBC boxing champion Devin Haney accepting the challenge.

The US Army veteran and personal trainer, who demonstrates his love for DC Comics superheroes and supervillains by calling himself ‘The Dark Son of Krypton’ on Instagram, issued a menacing challenge to protestors in a video that received more than 2.4 million views on Twitter, where it was shared by a user named @RealDealAxelrod.

Staring into the camera in a weights room while discussing alleged footage of an altercation between a policeman and a protestor, the muscular Republican produced a clip that he introduced by mentioning the Antifa anti-fascist movement and the Black Lives Matter (BLM) campaign.

Which one of you tough Antifa/BLM want to get in the ring with this cop?

“Which one of you tough Antifa/BLM want to get in the ring with this cop?” he asked.

“I just watched another video of some clown with a camera running his mouth to an officer – I think it was in New York – calling him a b*tch and a punk, telling him to ‘take that gun and badge off and let’s fight.'”

The widespread gatherings in solidarity against police brutality and social inequality since the death of George Floyd have also caused outrage among some who feel that the protests act as excuses for sections of the crowds to turn violent and abuse police officers.

“Y’all really think we hide behind our badges and guns and a lot of us obviously can’t fight – that’s what you think, right?” said the officer.

“So how about we come up with a system? The officer signs a waiver, you sign a waiver, you put your camera down, we put our badge and gun down, and let’s step in the ring.

“Let’s see how many of you would actually sign up, since you feel like we are punks behind our badges and guns. I’ll sign a waiver – how many of you are going to step in the ring with me? I’ll wait.”

He didn’t have to wait for long, as he received a string of replies, including from world champion Haney, who was seemingly happy to put his boxing skills up against the cop’s significant size and weight advantage as he tweeted: “Gladly welcome you to a beating.”

The message also received other responses, including one from former NFL star and two-time Super Bowl champion with the New England Patriots, Damien Woody, who asked, “Who is this clown?” while broadcaster and Trump supporter Debbie Aldrich hailed the policeman, saying, “We need more cops like this man.”

Right 😂 who is this clown 🤦🏾‍♂️

His fierce message to protestors received a mixed response, with some accusing him of “missing the point” of the civil rights movement and others agreeing that his targets were “cowardly”.

One tweeter saw the irony in the cop’s challenge,  posting, “Cops aren’t overly violent, and if you think they are, why don’t you physically fight them about it.”

And another stated, “This LITERALLY sums up the issues that people have with the police. Why are you being a tough guy? Your literal job description is to protect and serve the people. The reason why people are fighting back is because they are feeling the need to.”