The first stage is done: 20’000 people have pledged a minimum of four signatures for the glacier initiative to contribute. Yesterday evening, five days after the launch, has cracked the initiators put forward, set brand. Only after reaching this intermediate target, so your Plan should actually be with the collection of signatures started.

The Initiative will undertake Switzerland, the CO2 emissions reduce to zero by 2050. To achieve the goal, is to provide for the prohibition of oil, gas and coal.

New collection strategy to be used

The two-stage approach – first a supporter, then collect signatures – is to launch a kind, initiatives and referenda, is new. Also, two weeks ago launched E-Voting Initiative.

for the First time to use the strategy came last year, when a Referendum against the insurance detectives. At the time, collected only about 5000 people with the commitment to support the people desire, before you opened the hunt for signatures. Also, the correction of the Initiative, which calls for a halt to arms exports in the civil war country, was on the way. Since the launch of the signature collection in mid-December 85’000 have come together under headings. 100’000 certified in 18 months.

“shift the culture of direct democracy”

“This is a milestone for people’s initiatives and referendums,” says Daniel Graf. The campaign professional, has founded the Online collection platform “WeCollect”, which is used in the new collection strategy to be used. The search is on for supporters about “WeCollect to be running on the one hand”, on the other hand, can be collected in the second launch phase signatures.

Graf speaks in terms of the new approach, the launch of people’s initiative, of a “cultural change in the direct democracy”. Because collect signatures is expensive. Especially, the Phase after the initial collection euphoria go to the money, says Graf. He speaks of the “valley of death”. “In this Phase, many committees either have no more strength and give up, or start, to buy signatures.”

With the new strategy, the heck faster

The two-step collective strategy is to avoid it. “So you can collect as efficiently as possible and fast signatures,” says Graf. With the request to support a call for donations is also connected. On the way from the starting shot of a people’s desire to submit a small donation in order to Finance it, says Graf would be as a rule sufficient. He demanded for the provision of its platform, according to its own information, a few Thousand francs.

thanks to the new method of citizens ‘ movements have the opportunity to launch an Initiative, says the count, as, for example, in the case of the glacier-Initiative. Behind the popular initiative, the Association of climate protection in Switzerland is environmental journalist Marcel Hänggi, which was specially founded for the launch.

In the back of the club has also environmental organizations, also a parliamentarian seats by the various parties in the initiative Committee. The necessary resources for the collection of signatures must have the citizens ‘ movement, but to a great extent. With the Crack of the 20’000 mark has made yesterday the first hurdle.

What do you think of the glacier-Initiative? Are you in favour of Switzerland will be carbon neutral by 2050 and petrol and Diesel be banned? You discuss with – in the comment column below.