Recently a significant event happened on July 14, the Central Bank revoked the license of the National Bank of Tuva. The Bank was in the last hundred in terms of assets (held 416-th place, according to the Central Bank), and the event could go unnoticed. If not for one fact — this is the first revocation of the banking license on 31 January. On the background of the pandemic, the regulator has suspended not only reviews, but also regular inspections of banks, resuming them only from 1 July.The first review of the licence for a long time the Bank of Russia, apparently, gives the market to understand that the quarantine is over and sick banks — not tenants. Despite the fact that some regulatory concessions remain in force, the Central Bank returns to the current problems in the improvement of the market from unfair participants, said a senior managing Director of the NKR’s Alexander Proklov.Analysts have started to revise forecasts in relation to the size of the banking sector. A license for the current year will not lose more than 15 Russian banks, compared to 27 credit institutions a year earlier, the rate of withdrawal of licenses will decline, largely due to the suspension of three months on-site inspections of the Central Bank, evaluate the Agency “Expert RA”. In the NKR at the beginning of the year predicted that exit the market may 25-30 credit institutions, but now they think that the revoked licenses will be considerably less.However, these estimates relate more to the forced withdrawal of licenses. But for the quarantine period and increased the number of “tired owners” of credit organisations.So, in July “Slavyansky credit” took the decision about the voluntary surrender of the license. About the decision he announced on his website, although it is still fall, the owner was negotiating the sale of the Bank (see “Kommersant” on 24 October 2019).Through the procedure of putting a license will have to pass in the near future and Khakas Bank “Central Asian” that is going to move into the category of microfinance institutions.Interlocutors “” say that is pretty close to a decision on the voluntary surrender of the license was approached by one of foreign banks, but this fact is not advertised. This is not the limit.It seems that post-quarantine, the owners of a small, but strong banks are tired of fighting assets during this time has not increased, but potential buyers changed their mind. And then the best solution may be a quiet withdrawal from the market without waiting for the falling standards and claims by the Central Bank. And in this case, the initial forecasts reduction of Russian banks in 2020 may be too optimistic.