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Author Vidar Kvalshaug have three kids. Now that the school is closed, he gives them cash if they use their time to read novels. And like the old classics.

his Son of 13 years old to read Moby Dick, a classic from the 1800’s on over 700 pages.

– If we don’t get to read finish all the books we have planned, then we’ll hold us to that now, we put ourselves down and do something that does not interfere with, or that the plinger into messages. We put away the phone, and it has such a high value in itself that may not be 200 million is enough.

Kvalshaug claim it is a couple of thousand books on the floor and waiting for their readers who will not be at school on at least a week. They are 11, 13 and 16 years.

During Friday’s press conference about Korona-infection ” said prime minister Erna Solberg that the books can be a good idea to spend money on in the times we are now in.

– I can’t give a recipe to all Norwegian households about what to spend money on, but we can promote good books and we can promote many other things you can do together, said the prime minister.

the Children and I prepare ourselves for the fact that schools are locked and to make leseplakat with the titles and ambitions of each. Has promised…

Published by Vidar Kvalshaug Wednesday 11. march 2020

Cash prize per read the book

Kvalshaug have purchased both the Yatzy and play cards, but when both training and social activities; is it the books that comes into focus.

– We set ourselves goals. I shall of course read and my girlfriend to read, but she will not get the money for it. Since she is a librarian I take it for granted that she reads.

Kvalshaug say that they have a stack of viable candidates, thus books, and that these should be priced.

– Now, I know that one should not drive to bribe children to get them to read but.

it’s not just what you do?

The it is what I do.


Bjørn Gabrielsen is the author of the book “Skjermslaver”. He also believes it is positive to gather the family around an activity, even if it may seem “corny” to begin with. It is especially important in this time we are in now.

In this krisetiden we shall not spend time away from each other, but together.

Are you, as a parent forced to have the home office, recommend author Bjørn Gabrielsen to sit together with the kids.

It has been a very positive experience and see what they are doing. What is the problem with technology is that you sit for each.

Learn something new

There are options to you that don’t want to read old classics or hang out with the family. On NRK Super, one finds a series that is both exciting and educational.

if you Want to learn even more you can go into at the Norwegian school, a digital klipparkiv directed for pupils and teachers in primary and secondary.

Or you can kill time by to finally learn something you’ve always dreamed about to be able to, for example, to play the piano or speak fluent Italian. Alternatively, you can learn how to wash their hands with koronadansen.

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#ghencovychallenge #handwashingmove #coronahanddance #VuDieuRuaTay ? Because more international friends are coming to this post so I will change this to English for everyone: COVID-2019 disease is spreading, affecting people and social activities. Regular handwashing is considered a simple and effective method to protect the community from diseases (according to the World Health Organization). According to research by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), 78% of people say they wash their hands often but only 25% actually wash their hands after going to the toilet, 20% wash their hands before cooking. Two spread the habit of washing your hands to prevent this disease, In invite you to take part in the #ghencovychallenge challenge with me. Game rules: You perform the dance of the song Ghen Co Vy with 6 hand washing movements as recommended by the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health, based on the music song COVID-19 prevention – Jealousy, cooperation between the Institute of Occupational and Environmental Health, musician Khac Hung, singer My and singer Erik. Take this challenge or share the following epidemic prevention patients abound: 1. Wash your hands often with soap or an antiseptic solution. 2. Do not put hands on eyes, nose and mouth. 3. Regularly clean personal hygiene, hygiene of utensils, houses and surroundings. 4. Wear a mask to go to public places, on vehicles or when you are sick. 5. The Self-awareness to improve health for themselves, the family and the community. 6. People with symptoms of COVID-19 have high fever, cough, shortness of breath, etc. or close contact with infected person / person suspected of COVID-19 and limit contact with other people and contact the local health facilities. After completing the challenge, SHARE + TAG immediately 2 friends want to join this challenge. ✌ ? for news reporters and press who want to use my video, please feel free to do so. ? for the people want to dance my choreography, please feel free to do so, it’s all yours ? join hands two spread this extremely useful message! ? #handwashdance #handwashingdance

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make a phone call to someone who’s sitting alone

the Chief executive of the Mental Health helpline Aslaug Timland Dale encourages people to show care for each other and take an extra phone call to someone who may sit alone.

It is clear when one is alone and is looking forward to an event one to two times a month and it not being anything of, so it’s extra tough for those who do not have any other network around them.

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