Recently, a German couple therapist Christoph Uhl in the media, said: “We live in a time of the return warranty.” So he not only meant that we buy in the Internet of things we can give easily. He said that today, many people live with this attitude, your relationships. Relationships that are only entered into subject to. The fear to miss something Better to be dominated.

there are fears that a not only the better products, the better Jobs or the cooler parties to go through the cloth, but also the better Partner. How are you supposed to be able to tell people Yes, if one assumes that somewhere out there, perhaps a better match waiting for? Somewhere out there, everything can wait Possible. But this idea is not a basis for a stable relationship.

in love with money-back guarantee, there is no such thing. The persistent Reservation of title, the ongoing fear to miss something: That leads into solitude. But what is the reason for especially young people today apparently this fear? The choice is so big that you think it’s better to not be set? Prefer to wait and see what else is on offer in the digital space, the duration of opportunities and surface stimuli? The behind it? Or is it at the end of a false understanding of freedom?

The modern man says to himself: “The more choices I have, the more possibilities, the more free I am.” This is somehow logical, if you look at freedom as the sum of its options. Then you have to see to it that you can’t leave open many options that you fixed. This, however, leads astray. In Essence, freedom is not an outer process but an inner state. Free is not, who has a lot of choices, but free will, who has made the right decisions. Decisions to make it is also free of themselves.

Who dares to go in relationships, to love people and to exceed it by yourself, to get out from the confines of just their Own, can be free and happiness. Or with the words of a Buddhist wisdom: “loyalty and freedom, no enemy are in love. Because love is the greatest freedom and the greatest loyalty.”

Giuseppe Gracia (52) is a writer and media relations officer of the diocese of Chur. He is married and the father of two children. In his VIEW column, which appears every second Monday, expressed he is personal views.