“called Who, in the Commission meeting first, that the air-conditioning going on?”, SVP-man Claudio Zanetti asked on Twitter. Answer: Bastien Girod. Also In Zurich. Also The National Council. But in the other of the political spectrum in the Green.

Zanetti accuses Girod “inconsistent” action. Especially since there is a conditioning of 1. Generation had been.

of Course, indignant comments on the green double standards quickly followed. But Girod is not deterred and defended – also on Twitter – electricity-guzzling air coolers: “the sense and nonsense of air-conditioning systems interested – I got some requests. I like to take the following comments.” Then, Girod announced his 7 points:

1. Because of the climate warming heat to take waves like the one we are experiencing currently strong. It is important that the population can find shelter from the heat.

2. Because the heat can be fatal, it would be to demonize the wrong air-conditioning systems in General. In different situations it can make sense, and even save lives.

3. Air-conditioning systems do not contribute themselves to climate warming, energy efficiency and renewable energy is important.

4. Therefore, cooling should be done as efficiently as possible. Ideal already in the building to be integrated.

5. Sufficiency, e.g., higher temperature and/or using a fan can help to save electricity. But this should not be enacted politically.

6. Regarding renewable energies, the big advantage is that the load curve of the cooling devices to the production of Solar matches. Therefore, the seller of refrigeration equipment should make a contribution to Solar Expansion.

7. Thus, the heat waves increase in frequency and intensity even further, you must make the policy on climate protection, finally forward. #Climate emergency #net-zero #climate choice

As a voter, you notice the loose handling of the Green with the real heat wave amazed. But such liberal thoughts are not Yes. Recent Girods party girlfriend Tamy Glauser was a sense of Bali for the climate protection. (gust)