Girls from UMMC won 20 victories in the Premier League

Recall that in this season of formula championship has changed a bit. To the two-round tournament for higher density calendar was added the second stage. Each other team played the top five and the bottom Quartet.

the Interesting results of the meetings UMMC’s main competitors. The Kursk team Uralochka beat on its platform within a dozen points – 100:88 and Nadezhda Orenburg defeated visiting with advantage “plus 29” – 82:53.

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the Final match of the second stage Ekaterinburg was carried out of the house and is easily dealt with Krasnoyarsk “Yenisei” – 102:68. Top scorers in the composition of the winners were Emma Massaman (21), Alba Torrens (18), Brittney Griner (15) and finished his career in the national team Evgeniya Belyakova (15).

That’s what metrics the teams so called “big three”, played in parallel with our championship and in the Euroleague: UMMC – 20 wins – 0 losses, Dynamo – 17-3, “Hope” – 11-9. The composition of pairs of the quarter-finals as follows: UMMC – “Spartak” (Noginsk), “Dynamo” K – “Dynamo” (Novosibirsk), Nadezhda – IBA (Moscow), “Sparta & K” (Vidnoe) – “Yenisei”.

the Series will be held till two wins according to the scheme “1-2” 22, 29 March and, if necessary, on 30 March. However, UMMC and “Spartak” have already agreed among themselves that all matches will be played in Ekaterinburg. This is a reasonable compromise in the current difficult times.

Meanwhile, the President of the Russian basketball Federation (RBF), Andrei Kirilenko decision had suspended all children’s competitions under the auspices of the Federation.